Denture Myths: Busting The Tall Tales of Dentures

Overview: From great smiles to it’s mechanical function, dentures are great replacement teeth and do nothing but give, give and give. However, there are many misconceptions about dentures and the people that wear them. Read the blog below to debunk some of these tall tales.



People commonly believe that one set of dentures will last for the rest of their lifetime; unfortunately that is a tall tale. Nothing lasts forever and that rule applies to dentures. Our mouths are in constant use, from breathing, eating, and talking (just to name a few) and placing dentures in that active environment will cause them to break down. Even with the greatest of care, dentures will be need to replaced every 5-7 years. Many denture wearers who don’t want to replace their dentures usually only do so for financial reasons. Future Smiles Clinic recommends people with these concerns come visit Vlad or participate at his “Coffee With Vlad” meetings and he can advise on the most viable economic options.


Good-bye Dentist Appointments

You get your set of brand new dentures and you say goodbye to that dentist chair forever... another tall tale. As mentioned above, the engineering marvel that is the human mouth is constantly working overtime and never rests. The mouth is always changing and even though the changes are subtle, they can alter how dentures fit. Patients may need to have dentures realigned from time to time to have them fit better and function properly. It’s best to have Vlad realign the dentures versus trying to do it in the mirror at home.


Denture Repairs Are A Drag

You’re handling your dentures with great care, always keeping them moist and making sure when they aren’t at home in the mouth, they’re safely put away. Even with the great attention to caring for your dentures they can warp or break. If you’re planning on hiding from everyone because it’s going to take a long time before a denturist will be able to repair your dentures…. this too is just another tall tale. Unlike a car at a mechanic shop, denturists at Future Smiles Clinic in Calgary can have your dentures repaired on a same day basis. Clinics like Future Smiles have state of the art labs on site and Vlad has all the resources available to have your dentures fixed and to get that smile back on your face!


Dentures Make You Look Older

You walk into Future Smiles Clinic in Calgary and Vlad places brand new full dentures in your mouth. You walk out with a full set of pearly white teeth and all of a sudden you walk a little taller. You find yourself smiling more. You’re no longer hiding your mouth. You’re not insecure about ordering food at a restaurant. Even the Sun seems to be shining a bit brighter! Wait, all that doesn’t sound like it makes someone look older? Don’t fall for that tall tale! Studies show that a full smile gives the appearance of looking younger. Aesthetics aside, a proper set of dentures will make you feel better about yourself, which trumps any tall tale!


Bottom Line: If you have any hesitations about getting dentures or replacement teeth, Vlad will disprove any tall tales you might have heard. The Future Smiles Denture Clinic on Macleod, Calgary, AB is rewriting the myths about dentures and is restoring smiles for everyone!


To find out more about Dentures, contact Vlad Dumbrava today on 403.475.0016.


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Vlad Dumbrava

Vlad Dumbrava has been active in the field of denture therapy since 2008. Upon receiving his denturist degree in 2011 from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, he continued his education in Medical Sciences at Western University.

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