Denture Relines in Calgary

Denture Relines Calgary

If you are seeking affordable and quality denture relines in Calgary, then the team at Future Smiles is here to help make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Our certified & experienced denturist provides superior solutions for patients with missing teeth. We offer a wide range of denture solutions from complete/partial dentures & denture implants, as well as denture relines & repairs.

Are your dentures not feeling as comfortable as they used to? We can help!

What is a Denture Reline?

As you age, it’s natural for your gums to change shape and the bones in your jaw to begin to erode. As a denture-wearer, this means that false teeth that once fitted well will become loose and uncomfortable.

Denture relining is a cost-effective solution to restore the comfort and fit of your complete/partial denture and is an excellent way of delaying the cost of a new denture altogether.

There are 3 types of denture relining:

  • Soft reline (if patient as sore gums & oral health problems)
  • Hard reline (if patient has good oral health & gums)
  • Temporary reline


Who Can Benefit From a Denture Reline?

At our Calgary denture clinic, our team understands the importance of a well-fitting and comfortable denture.

Patients who can benefit most from a denture reline service include those that have:

Denture stabilization problems
Poorly fitting dentures
Swelling and pain in their gums due to ill-fitting replacement teeth
Difficulty eating & chewing with their existing dentures
No desire to replace their existing dentures with new ones


How Often is Denture Relining Needed?

Most denture-wearers should have their replacement teeth relined every 1-2 years. Relining will NOT affect the appearance of your dentures. Rather, your oral health practitioner will adapt your dentures to the changing shape of your gums.


Why You Should NEVER Try to Reshape Your Dentures Yourself

If your dentures aren’t fitting as well as they used to, DON’T attempt to adjust or fix them yourself. Doing so could result in:

  • Broken/damaged dentures
  • Worse fit
  • Higher cost associated with denture replacements

If your dentures are feeling loose or uncomfortable, ALWAYS seek the help of a qualified professional to avoid any permanent damage.


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