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A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Denture Wearers

For patients who have lost their teeth due to disease or injury, dentures can help restore their smile and give them renewed confidence in their appearance. However, it is natural for first-time denture wearers to experience some anxiety and worry. Future Smiles Denture Clinic has put together a comprehensive guide which addresses everything from the type of denture you can choose to looking after your brand new set of teeth.

  Step One: Choose Your Denture

There are two main types of dentures

  • Full Dentures are often required when all your natural teeth require replacing

  • Partial Dentures are for those patients who have only lost some of their teeth.

  Step Two: Deciding on your treatment plan

As a first-time denture wearer, your denturist will call you in for an initial consultation to discuss your current dental condition and your treatment options. If you do have any remaining teeth, your denturist may also advise you on possible extractions.

  Step Three: Taking an impression of your mouth

Prior to being fitted with dentures, your denturist will need to take several impressions of your mouth. This is so that he/she will be able to take into consideration even the finest details of your teeth and ensure that your dentures fit properly and comfortably.

   Step Four: Picking out your new teeth

When picking out dentures, it is important that you ensure they look very similar to your natural teeth. As a first-time denture wearer, your denturist can help you decide which tooth size, shape and color is right for you. At this stage, if there are any specific requirements you have, talk to your denturist about your needs. Once you are fully satisfied with the look of your new teeth, your final dentures can be constructed.

  Step Five: Fitting

The initial fitting is when your new set of dentures will be tried in your mouth. Usually, you will be requested to wear them until your next visit. If you find that they aren’t fitting right or that you are getting any sore areas, your denturist will make the necessary adjustments to ensure that they fit as well as possible.

  Step Six: Maintaining that bright smile

Once your dentures become a part of your everyday life, you must ensure that you visit your denturist on a regular basis. Ask how you can clean and store your dentures correctly to ensure your oral health remains in the best possible shape.

At Future Smiles, we understand that a new set of dentures may require some time to adjust to your new set of teeth. Depending on the dentures you choose, we offer our clients 3-6 months of FREE ADJUSTMENTS. We want to ensure that all of our clients are comfortable and fully satisfied with our product. When you visit our denturist clinic, we will carefully review your circumstances and determine the best way to meet all of your needs, while staying within your budget.

Want to Learn More?

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Vlad Dumbrava

Vlad Dumbrava has been active in the field of denture therapy since 2008. Upon receiving his denturist degree in 2011 from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, he continued his education in Medical Sciences at Western University.

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