Don't Let Denture Costs Get You Down

For patients who are missing some or all of their natural teeth, traditional dentures may be your perfect solution. Full and partial dentures tend to be cheaper than denture implants and today’s advanced dentures are more comfortable and natural looking than ever.

Denture costs depend on several factors including the type and material of the denture and the amount of dental work you require. At Future Smiles, we strive to fit you with comfortable and affordable dentures which match your needs and budget.

Read on to learn more about Alberta denture coverage and your financing options at our Calgary clinic.

Do I Need Full or Partial Dentures?

Finding affordable, quality dentures is much easier when you understand what your needs and options are. Partial dentures are less expensive as they only replace a few missing teeth rather than all of them. Full dentures will almost always cost more.

To find out if partial dentures are the right choice for you, contact our Calgary denturist today.

Full Dentures vs Partial Dentures


Denture Cost & Quality Level

When choosing a tooth replacement option, it is important that the quality of your dentures will affect much more than just your wallet. Your oral health, comfort and overall appearance will also be impacted.

Type of Denture Description
High-End Dentures
  • Made from high-quality, durable acrylic resins

  • Come with a warranty for wear and tear

  • Involve more artistry, therefore stimulate the appearance of natural gums and teeth to a greater extent.

  • Provide greater comfort

  • Longer lasting

Mid-Range Dentures
  • Offer many of the same benefits as high-end dentures in terms of comfort and durability.

  • Do not come with warranty coverage

  • Do not offer the same level of dental artistry

Cheap Dentures
  • Ideal for a temporary solution

  • Are not as long lasting, comfortable or natural looking.

  • Plastic dentures may even damage the gums if not designed or maintained correctly.

Want more information? We are happy to provide accurate price estimates for each denture type and discuss the pros and cons of the products in each quality group.


Alberta Denture Coverage

Alberta offers a variety of dental assistance programs to help seniors obtain the quality dentures they deserve. To be eligible for this coverage you must be over the age of 65, a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and have been living in Alberta for at least 3 months.

Denture Coverage in Calgary


Financing Options at Future Smiles

Regardless of your financial situation, we always strive to give you the highest-quality and most comfortable denture solutions in Calgary. That is why we work with your insurance company to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and help you get the most out of your coverage.

We also offer flexible financing options for all our treatments so that you never have to worry about compromising your health and well-being.


Direct Billing for Smooth & Easy Payments

At Future Smiles, we offer direct billing to all major insurance providers. Once your denture work is completed, our clinic will send your bill directly to your insurance company, saving you the time and stress of filing the claim yourself.


Want to learn more?

To learn more about your financing and denture coverage options and how we can help make quality denture care affordable, contact our clinic at (403) 475-0016.


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