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I recently had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with one of the most ambitious and kindest professionals I’ve come across in this great city of ours.  His name is Vadim Dumbrava, and I discovered that he’s a business owner, scholar and a community philanthropist. 
Originally from Moldova, a small Eastern European country nestled between Ukraine and Romania, Vadim always had an aptitude and appreciation of symmetrical lines and building with his hands.  By the time Vadim was 16 years old, he was enrolled into a specialized med-school.  By the age of 17, Vadim was employed in a hospital environment and working with patients. Once Vadim decided to move to Canada to pursue his educational dreams, he enrolled into the exclusive Denture Program at George Brown College in Toronto.  During this time, Vadim studied and worked in a lab as a Denture Technician, learning how to actually manufacture dentures.  A few years later with nothing but a dollar and a dream, Vadim embarked on a journey to Calgary with hopes of establishing his own Denture Clinic, and that’s exactly what he did; Future Smiles Denture Clinic opened its doors in February 2014 and business has been booming ever since.

During our meeting, I was able to learn even more about this tenacious professional, and I felt compelled to share his story with you:
StyleLabs:  You’ve had quite the exciting life, but what makes you and your clinic different from other denture clinics in Calgary?    
Vadim:  I have been fortunate to learn the fabrication side of dentures as well as the clinical side.  I think this experience has given me a lot of insight in the industry and it’s really elevated my business. I’m very tech-savvy and enjoy using the latest and most durable technology available in my clinic.  I find that it makes my patients’ lives easier.  For instance, some denturists still use porcelain and flat teeth on patients.  These materials benefit the denturist, not the patient.  I use composite teeth because they’re more durable and natural for the patient.  Some other things that we do differently at Future Smiles Clinic are:

  • We charge a one time fee for denture adjustments and every adjustment after that is free
  • We direct bill insurance companies and help our patients optimize the coverage
  • We offer senior citizen discounts
  • We place our patients on a Denture Maintenance Program that helps them schedule relines, adjustments and maintain overall functionality
  • I give presentations and attend expos to educate the community on dentures


StyleLabs:  Sounds like you offer some excellent perks in your clinic.  You must have interesting patient stories too.  Have any you’d like to share?
Vadim:  Every patient is unique and requires special attention, so I give it to them.  I sit down with every patient to understand what problems they’re facing and what their expectations are, so that I can provide a solution. One time I had a patient come in to ask some questions.  He wore partial dentures, but had never removed them. As a denturist, I was very concerned. He said he couldn’t afford to pay for my services but he wanted to know if I had any free advice for him.  I immediately brought him in and examined his mouth.  The poor guy was in desperate need of medical attention. I made a call to friend of mine who is a dentist.  We both decided right there to forget about the money, this guy needs serious help.  He had six teeth extracted and I set him up with new, full dentures. It’s not all about money; it’s about helping people in need.  To this day, he’s a regular patient of mine.
StyleLabs:  That’s incredibly generous of you and your friend. Well done! What does the future have in store for Future Smiles Denture Clinic?
Vadim:  I am currently working on a business model that will benefit the community.  My goal is to make dentures and oral health accessible to current patients, future patients and everyone.  I’m currently giving presentations and attending expos to educate people on dentures before they even need them. With approximately 20% of the population wearing a form of dentures, education is the key and it’s never too soon to understand the dentures and their benefits. I’m trying to grow that part of my business and provide as much information to the public as possible.  My younger sister is also following in my footsteps as she’s currently in her second year at George Brown College, so who knows, it could turn into a family denture affair. 
I felt very inspired walking away from our conversation, such a driven young man that has persevered through adversity and maintained a good grasp on his morals. Looks like the future is bright at Future Smiles.
Call Vadim Dumbrava today in his Future Smiles Denture Clinic at 403-475-0016 and ask about his next presentation!   

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Vlad Dumbrava

Vlad Dumbrava has been active in the field of denture therapy since 2008. Upon receiving his denturist degree in 2011 from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, he continued his education in Medical Sciences at Western University.

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