Denture Myths

Facts vs. Fiction

Myths and misconceptions about dentures can stand in the way of people who have experienced tooth loss from achieving good health, an attractive appearance and self confidence. Proper denture fit, maintenance and care is essential to helping the millions of Canadians who wear dentures to maintain good quality of life. Here are 3 denture myths debunked.

  1. Dentures last forever
    Dentures are durable, but they do have their vulnerabilities. Dropping your dentures even a few inches (say, from your hand to the bottom of the sink) can damage them, breaking a tooth or a denture brace. How you care for your dentures can also damage or alter them. Placing your dentures in hot water can cause them to warp, as can letting them dry out. To keep your dentures clean place them in a glass of room temperature water or denture cleaning solution when you go to bed. You should also brush your dentures after every meal to get rid of any food residue and bacteria. However, ordinary toothpaste can be too abrasive for dentures, so you should use a specialized denture cleaner instead. Ask your denturist or dentist if you are unsure which product will work best for you.

  2. People with dentures don’t need to visit the dentist
    It is important to continue to see your dentist regularly after you get your dentures. Your mouth continues to change, and your mouth tissue can reveal signs of disease such as diabetes which first manifest themselves in your mouth. During your oral exam your dentist can check your dentures, examine your jaw joints, gum ridges, and tongue . He or she can also look for the early signs of oral cancer.

    You should also visit your denturist regularly too. He or she can examine your dentures and ensure they are still in good condition and continue to fit properly.

  3. Dentures require adhesives to fit properly
    This is a particularly dangerous myth. Properly fitted dentures will fit precisely and should not require adhesive for comfort. Dental adhesives can hold your dentures in place in emergencies while you wait to see your denturist or dentist, but prolonged use can mask infections and cause bone loss in your jaws. Poor fitting dentures also cause irritation, which may contribute to the development of painful sores over time. If your dentures feel loose or cause you pronounced discomfort make an appointment with your denturist as soon as possible.

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Vlad Dumbrava

Vlad Dumbrava has been active in the field of denture therapy since 2008. Upon receiving his denturist degree in 2011 from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, he continued his education in Medical Sciences at Western University.

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