What are Dentures Made of?

Everyone knows that dentures, whether it's partial dentures or denture implants, are the most effective solution for tooth loss. But what material exactly are these great tooth replacements made from?

Any denture wearer, whether they opt for full/partial dentures or denture implants, wants to be sure that their tooth replacement solution is stable, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Working with a denturist to choose a high-quality material to construct your dentures will ensure a well-fitting and natural looking solution that will last you for many years.

Common denture materials include:

  • Acrylic resin
  • Modified acrylic resins
  • Porcelain
  • Composite resins

At our Calgary denture clinic, we believe that every patient has the right to a healthy and beautiful smile. That’s why we construct full/partial dentures and denture implants using only the highest-quality material. Whatever your budget, our denturist can find the right solution for you! 


What Materials are Dentures Made From?

While pricing, fit and care instructions are all important factors to discuss with your denturist, one thing you want to ask is what your full/partial dentures or denture implants are made of. Not only will your denture material determine how your replacement teeth will look, but it is key to how long they will last and wear over time.

Some of the possible materials you can choose from include:


Acrylic dentures consist of the denture teeth attached to an acrylic base plate. Denturists may recommend this option to patients as a temporary solution before more extensive treatment or as a training for wearing a complete denture.


  • Whether you want a full or partial denture, this is the cheapest option.
  • Quick and easy to construct
  • Easy to adjust (e.g. if teeth need to be added)


Least comfortable and stable

Require more muscle control

Tend to break more easily & require more denture repairs


A glass-like ceramic material, porcelain can be effectively used to construct full/partial dentures as well as denture implants. Its translucent appearance is similar to that of natural tooth enamel and it can be color-matched closely with the patient’s other teeth.


  • Wear resistant so it preserves the normal jaw movements and alignment for a longer period
  • More translucent and has a greater depth of color than acrylic material
  • Feel & look very similar to natural teeth


  • More expensive than acrylic dentures
  • The porcelain material may result in a clicking sound when the teeth come together
  • Less compatible with the denture base

Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt chrome partial dentures have a metal base plate or framework that sits on and around the natural teeth onto which the denture teeth are attached by acrylic.


  • Thinner & more streamlined and so are the most comfortable option
  • They are very easy to adapt to and provide the best grip out of all the material options
  • This material can be used to design a partial denture specific to each mouth. This gives a very close and precise fitting.


  • Making changes to this denture is difficult (e.g. adding teeth) and a remake is occasionally needed.
  • Most costly option
  • They are made from metal which may be visible when you speak or eat.

Which Denture Option is Right For Me?

Because denture needs vary from patient to patient, it’s important to book an appointment at your local denture clinic before deciding which denture material is right for you.

Your denturist will be able to examine your mouth and help determine whether a full, partial or denture implant is right for you and which material will be most suited to your needs.

There are several factors your denturist will take into consideration including:

  • Cost
  • Future mouth changes
  • The health and stability of your remaining teeth
  • Grip and stability
  • Appearance

At our Calgary denture clinic, we strive to provide our patients with the most affordable, high-quality dentures no matter your circumstances. We offer flexible financing options and direct billing services to make all payments hassle-free and easy.

Want to know which denture material is right for you?


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