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Over time, many denture wearers find that their prosthetic teeth become loose, ill-fitting and uncomfortable. The good news? In many cases, there is a quick & simple solution to solve these issues and avoid a complete denture replacement.

At Future Smiles, we provide a wide range of denture solutions & services including denture rebase, repairs & relines to prolong the life of your dentures & ensure they always work to give you a healthy, beautiful and comfortable smile.

Are you struggling with the fit & comfort of your dentures? We can help!

What is a Denture Rebase?

A denture rebase is often recommended when the base of your denture material has worn down. By replacing the base material with new acrylic, your denturist can provide a stable denture without replacing any prosthetic teeth.

Some of the reasons why a patient might require a denture rebase include:

Broken denture
Weakened or old pink denture base
Metal/monomer free
The comfort and fit of the denture is not as good as it used to be
If they have an immediate denture


How Often Do I Need a Denture Rebase?

The frequency with which a patient might require a denture rebase will depend on the quality of material of their dentures. Typically, a rebase is required every 5 years to renew the lifespan of the prosthetic & ensure the best comfort and fit.


Denture Rebase, Reline or Replace?

Not all circumstances involving an ill-fitting, loose or broken denture are the same, nor do they necessarily require a new set of replacement teeth.

If you are unhappy with the state of your dentures, your denturist may recommend a:

A reline is required when a patient’s bone and tissue changes due to shrinkage.

However, the following MUST be in good condition:

  • Bite position
  • Existing prosthetic teeth
  • Acrylic base


A denture rebase is similar to a relining procedure.

The difference is that a rebase replaces all the pink-acrylic denture base material.

The existing teeth remain in the exact same place.

A denture repair restores a fractured/damaged denture close to its original condition.

Once repaired, your denturist can best advise you on the condition of your replacement teeth & the necessary steps needed to prevent further damage.


NEVER Try to Repair/Reshape Your Dentures Yourself

If you are unsatisfied with the fit and comfort of your dentures, always make sure you visit your denturist and NEVER try to reshape them yourself. Doing so could result in:

  • Further damage
  • Greater discomfort
  • Higher costs/full denture replacement

1 Year FREE Repairs/Adjustments

At our Calgary denture clinic, we offer 1 year FREE repairs/adjustments when you opt for traditional complete/partial dentures, so your replacement teeth will always feel and function as good as new.


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