Are Dentures and Dental Implants Tax Deductible?

As tax season approaches many of us are wondering what expenses do and do not qualify as tax deductible. Though the majority of medical expenses incurred by Canadian’s are paid for by the various provincial health care systems not all medical expenses qualify. Dental work in particular can be costly, and is not covered under provincial health care plans.

Many Canadian’s also carry private health insurance, either through an employer or obtained directly from private health insurance companies like Blue Cross, Desjardins and Sun Life. These companies supplement your provincial health coverage and cover medical expenses such as dental work, vision care and prescription medications. However, depending on your plan you might still have to pay for some expenses out of pocket. To help you with this cost the Canada Revenue Agency allows dental expenses to be used as medical expense deductions when you file your income tax. Dental expenses includes fillings, dentures, dental implants and other dental work that is not covered by your insurance plan. The only dental work that is not covered is cosmetic work, such as teeth whitening, which is not deemed medically necessary. Whenever you claim anything on as a deduction on your income tax you should always be sure to save your receipts and any other relevant documentation. You do not need to include these documents and receipts with your tax return but the Canada Revenue Agency may ask you to produce them in order to backup your claim.

We believe that everyone should have access the the denture care they need to stay happy, healthy and pain free. That is why the Future Smiles Denture Clinic works closely with our patient’s insurance coverage to obtain the best coverage we can for them with the aim of reducing or eliminating out of pocket expenses.

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Vlad Dumbrava

Vlad Dumbrava has been active in the field of denture therapy since 2008. Upon receiving his denturist degree in 2011 from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, he continued his education in Medical Sciences at Western University.

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