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Future Smiles is a cutting-edge denture clinic in Calgary owned and operated by Vlad Dumbrava. Vlad and his team excel at a diverse range of denture solutions.

Our mission is to provide our patients with individualized denture care that maximizes comfort, function and esthetics. We strive to deliver the highest level of service to our patients, treating them in an empathetic, honest and professional manner.

Whatever your needs, our Calgary denturist provides quality and affordable tooth replacement solutions to help restore the health, beauty and confidence of your smile!


We Offer Comprehensive Denture Care To Restore Your Smile

Our Denture Care Services

At our two Calgary-based clinics, we offer a wide range of services including:

  • traditional complete dentures
  • traditional partial dentures
  • flexible dentures
  • implant-supported dentures
  • same-day denture repairs
  • denture relines
  • denture rebasing

Our High-Quality Dentures Are Made In-House

At Future Smiles, we have an in-house denture laboratory, with skilled technicians who make custom replacement teeth RIGHT HERE in our two denture clinics. Utilizing the latest technology, our lab creates the highest-quality dentures with the best fit.

By processing most of the work in our office, we are able to reduce the time it takes to make and repair your custom-fitting dentures,  so that you’ll be back to eating, talking and smiling with confidence in no time!


Future Smiles Offers Affordable Denture Care Solutions

Because your dentures don't need to be shipped from or outsourced to other labs, they come at an affordable cost WITHOUT sacrificing quality. Additionally, we offer direct billing and financing options, as well as extended warranties designed to cover any unexpected and costly repairs.

1 Year FREE Denture Repairs/Adjustments

If you opt for traditional complete/partial dentures, we offer 1 year of FREE denture repairs and adjustments to ensure that your replacement teeth always function optimally.


We Help Patients Take Charge of Their Oral Health

Our services don’t end once you have your dentures! Our team strives to maintain long-term relationships with our patients. We always ensure that you are educated about caring for your dentures or implants and that you have access to any ongoing care you may need.

Whether you require additional advice or emergency denture repair services, our team is always on hand to give you the help you need, so give us a call at 403-475-0016 to book your appointment today!

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