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Same-Day Denture Repairs

At Future Smiles, we understand the importance and urgency of well-fitting, comfortable dentures and provide same-day emergency denture repairs. We also give other adjustment services including denture relines and rebasing to get your replacement teeth working as good as new.

Need an urgent denture repair or reline?

Denture Repairs in Calgary

One of the most serious complications with dentures is a prosthesis fracture (a broken denture.) It tends to occur more with the top denture but can happen to the bottom denture as well.

Most common reasons for a denture fracture/breakages

  1. Wear and tear: Following many years of use, your denture will have undergone many stress cycles of chewing and daily wear. In addition, the temperature found in hot and cold foods/drinks, as well as certain types of acidic foods, can wear down a denture.
  2. Progressive bone loss: As you experience bone loss, your jaw will shrink and your denture will become loose. This results in a lack of stability that can break your replacement teeth.
  3. Accidental Breakages: Accidental breakage of your dentures could result from everyday activities such as removing and cleaning your replacement teeth.

Denture Repairs, Relines & Rebases

If your dentures are worn out, ill-fitting or fractured, a visit to your local denturist can help determine whether they can be repaired or need to be replaced.

In most cases, a relining or rebasing can extend the life of your existing dentures and save you the cost of buying new ones.

Denture Relining

A denture reline is the process of refitting your existing replacement teeth. This consists of adding new base material to the tissue side of a denture so it fits properly once again.

Denture relines are often required when tissue changes are due to:

  • Weight loss
  • Bone loss
  • Disease or illness
  • Further tooth loss
  • Aging



Denture Rebase

A denture rebase is recommended when the denture teeth are not yet worn out by the acrylic base material needs replacement.

A new base will provide better stability without the added costs and time involved with replacing denture teeth.

A denture rebase is often recommended when you have a:

  • Broken denture
  • Weakened or old pink acrylic base
  • Immediate denture



Bite Adjustments

If you are experiencing pain and sore spots with your dentures, it may be an improper bite that is causing pressure in a certain area of the jaw. In such cases, a simple adjustment by your denturist can correct this.

** NEVER attempt to adjust or repair your dentures at home. Doing so could result in further damage to your replacement teeth.**

Importance of Regular Denture Relines & Rebases

In order for your dentures to work properly, it is crucial that they fit correctly. Ill-fitting dentures can significantly reduce a patient’s quality of life and lead to:

  • Gum and mouth irritation
  • Difficulty eating, resulting in malnutrition
  • Speech problems
  • Headaches and mouth infections

Denture relines are vital for maintaining your oral health and preventing further tissue loss, which is why it’s recommended that you get one every 1-2 years.

Denture Replacements

Damaged or poorly-fitting dentures will compromise your appearance and comfort, which is why it’s always important to seek professional help if you are unsatisfied with your replacement teeth.

Signs that your dentures need replacing include:

  • They are over 5 years old
  • Sunken lips
  • You can’t eat the food you want or used to be able to enjoy
  • Your replacement teeth have fractured down the centre line
  • Loose, shifting dentures

However, every patient’s situation is different and your denturist is the most qualified person to tell you whether your dentures need replacing.

Maintaining the quality of your dentures

Just like natural teeth that must be brushed regularly to stay healthy, your dentures must be cleaned carefully everyday.

To ensure the long-life of your replacement teeth, you must remember to:

  • Remove and rinse your dentures after eating
  • Handle your replacement teeth carefully
  • Remove and soak your dentures overnight
  • Brush your dentures daily
  • Schedule regular visits to your denturist

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