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Complete Dentures

For patients who are missing ALL of their natural teeth, a full denture is a great tooth replacement solution which helps you enjoy a healthy diet & confident smile.

A careful diagnosis by our qualified denturists will identify which type of false teeth can offer the most benefits to you. We work with your personal preferences and budget to provide you with a range of options.


Types of Full Dentures at Future Smiles

No matter what type of full dentures you opt for, what never changes is our commitment to providing affordable, quality tooth replacement solutions to our patients across Calgary.

Your complete denture options include:

Standard Full Dentures

Great aesthetics
Works with the natural movement of the jaw
Economical way of getting complete dentures
Uses ‘average values’ to arrange false teeth

Equilibrated Full Dentures

High-quality material
Works with patient’s unique jaw movements
More stable & secure
Allows for a smoother transition period between old & new dentures
Natural aesthetic
Processed to custom fit the shape of your mouth


Who is a Candidate for Complete Dentures?

Full dentures are an affordable and natural-looking tooth replacement option for patients missing ALL OF THEIR TEETH due to issues regarding their oral health such as:

  • Bone loss
  • Periodontal disease
  • Tooth decay

These types of false teeth are entirely customizable, offering you the ability to recreate an authentic oral image and empowering you once again to look young, eat well and speak clearly.

If you have lost all of your teeth, the option of complete dentures is one you should discuss with your denturist to restore a healthy, beautiful smile.

Want to find out if full dentures is the right solution for you?


What is Involved in Getting a Complete Denture?

At Future Smiles, we offer a wide selection of tooth shapes, colors and denture materials for false teeth without compromising on quality. Even with our first level of complete denture care, our standards in service and craftsmanship are never anything less than perfect.

Here is what to expect from the complete denture process:

1. Dental Impressions

The first step in creating a comfortable and quality set of full dentures is to take dental impressions. Moulds of your mouth will be taken in order to create a complete denture that is tailored to you.

2. Bite Moulds

Once the dental impressions are taken, wax blocks are used to check your biting action. At this point, your denturist may also help you choose the shape and color of your new false teeth.

3. Wax Models

Once your dental impressions are sent to the laboratory, your new teeth will be set in wax to help you get a better idea of how your final complete dentures will look and work.

4. Fittings

Once the denture fabrication has been completed, your denturist will fit the false teeth in your mouth and check to ensure:

  • Proper fit
  • Correct bite
  • That the appearance & aesthetics of the denture are desirable

At this time, you will also be given instructions on how you should care for your complete dentures.


1 Year FREE Adjustments!

At Future Smiles, we understand the importance of beautiful, fully-functional teeth. If you select complete dentures as your tooth replacement option, we offer 1 year FREE adjustments & repairs to ensure your false teeth fit comfortably & naturally. Learn More >


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