A Denture-Care Guide For Family Caregivers

Are you a family caregiver responsible for looking after your loved one’s oral health? Here are some simple and easy denture care tips you need to know! 

If you are responsible for assisting an elderly person with their daily living and personal care, it is highly important to assist with and monitor oral health. For some caregivers, this may simply involve taking the individual you care for to the dentist or denturist, or to schedule house calls. In other cases you may be required to provide assistance with the regular care of teeth and/or dentures.

When elderly individuals have dentures, their still require regular care. Whichever tooth loss solution your loved one has opted for, be it traditional partial/ full dentures, or implant-supported dentures, helping them take care of their replacement teeth is crucial to avoid:

  • additional tooth loss.
  • sore spots and discomfort.
  • plaque buildup, gum disease and tooth decay.
  • serious general health issues such as increased risk for stroke and lung disease.

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6 Things Every Denture Caregiver Should Be Aware About

Dentures are a very durable and convenient tooth replacement option. However, to keep them functioning optimally, family caregivers must be aware of certain things, including:

  • When to use denture adhesive - If your senior’s denture fits, adhesives are useful for added stability. However, if the denture is loose, adding adhesive to fill in the gaps can lead to tissue damage. In such a case, it’s best to take the dentures to your local denture clinic for a repair or a reline.
  • Examining your senior’s mouth and gums - Do this regularly to check for any signs of irritation or mouth sores. This is important because ill-fitting full/partial dentures can cause seniors to stop eating or using their replacement teeth.
  • Denture adjustments - NEVER attempt to adjust or repair a denture yourself. If you require an adjustment, denture reline or rebase, visit your nearest denture clinic as soon as possible. (Calgary Denture Repairs >)
  • Denture sounds - Full/partial dentures shouldn’t click when your loved one eats or talks. If they do, it may be a sign that they need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Dentures are not a once in a lifetime appliances - Eventually, dentures will need to be relined or remade because of normal wear and tear, or whenever there are changes to your senior’s face, kaw or weight.
  • Regular visits to the denture clinic are important - These should be made even when your senior has full dentures. (Read More >)


7 Tricks to Care for Dentures

  1. The senior’s dentures need to be cleaned every day.They should be brushed with a soft bristled brush designed for dentures to remove debris and food plaque.
  2. When you are cleaning full dentures or partials, be careful not to drop them. Cleaning them over a towel will keep them from breaking if they drop in the sink or onto the floor.
  3. Don’t use regular toothpaste on dentures! These are too abrasive and may damage dentures. Don’t use bleach to remove any stains because it could discolour the pink portion.
  4. Never use hot water for dentures. This could cause them to warp and become ill-fitting and uncomfortable.
  5. Always store dentures in a denture container with water to keep them moist. They should NEVER be allowed to get dry or lose their shape.
  6. Clean your senior patient’s gums, tongue and palate. This should be done every morning and evening to keep them free from potential irritants.
  7. Use a minimum amount of denture adhesive, if needed. Be sure to remove any remaining adhesive daily as you clean.

Remember! Proper care and treatment of your senior loved one’s teeth will help keep their mouth and whole body healthy.


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