5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Dentures

These facts about dentures can help you maintain good oral health

Whether you are experiencing tooth loss due to gum disease, tooth decay or injury, our comprehensive Calgary denture solutions will benefit your appearance and oral health.

Dentures come in a number of different forms, from partial to implant-supported dentures, and the type you opt for will depend on your dental history, lifestyle, budget and many other factors.

At our Calgary Denture Clinic, we can help design customized denture solutions to fit all your specific concerns and restore your healthy, beautiful smile.

Comprehensive Denture Solutions


5 Things You Need To Know About Dentures

If you have a number of missing teeth, your denturist may suggest dentures as a possible solution.

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth that help restore your smile, quality of life and oral health. But before you decide on any denture solution, here are 5 things you should know:

1. Dentures Are Removable

Although high quality full/partial dentures can look incredibly realistic, they are removable false teeth. While many patients find these convenient and comfortable, they may not offer the same stability and strength as other dental prosthetics such as implant-supported dentures.

That being said, dental implants may not be suitable for every patient and dentures offer an effective solution to missing teeth that can help restore your confidence and comfort.

Denture Implants


2. The Fit of Dentures Will Change Over Time

As you age, your jawbone may weaken, resulting in some bone loss which impacts the soft tissues and gums. This in turn may affect the fit of your dentures, causing them to become loose and uncomfortable.

If you are experiencing problems with your denture solution such as inflamed gums or sores, it’s important to visit your denture clinic so that the necessary adjustments can be made to ensure your oral health and appearance are not compromised.

5 Common Denture Problems


3. Dentures Require Repairs and Replacement

If you opt for a full or partial denture, they will typically need replacing every 4-7 years. In addition, dentures can chip, crack or break and you will need to visit your denture clinic to get them repaired.

DO NOT attempt to repair them yourself as this could adversely affect the way they fit or cause them to be damaged further.

At our SW Calgary Clinic, we offer FREE denture repairs for the first 3-6 months depending on which denture solution you opt for.

Denture Repair Services


4. Denture Care

Proper denture care is important for both the health of your mouth and the longevity of your denture solution.

You should clean your dentures just as often, and as carefully, as you would your natural teeth. This means they should be cleaned at least twice a day to protect your mouth and gums from infection. If you have natural teeth, it is important to brush and floss these as well, and to practice good gum care even if you do not have natural teeth. 

Proper denture care includes:

  • Handling your dentures carefully
  • Brushing & rinsing daily, without toothpaste
  • Using a denture cleaner
  • Soaking your dentures overnight
Denture Care Tips


5. You Should Visit Your Denturist Regularly

To ensure the comfort and quality of your denture solution, you should schedule regular check-ups at your denture clinic.

During such a checkup, your denturist can check the fit of your dentures and modify them if necessary. In addition, they will polish your dentures and check for tartar buildup which can affect the comfort of your replacement teeth.

Even if you have no real teeth left, you can still be at risk of oral cancer and other mouth conditions. Making sure to visit your denturist at least once a year is vital to early detection.


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To learn more about our comprehensive and advanced denture solutions, contact our SW denture clinic at 403-475-0016 or book an appointment with our denturist.

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