The Importance of Soaking Your Dentures Overnight

Keeping your dentures clean is important for your dental and overall health. Though your dentures may be visibly clean after a quick 5 minute soak and a once over with your denture brush, dentures require prolonged soaking in order to be disinfected properly. Here are 4 reasons you should make sure your dentures get a good soak each night.

  1. Dentures have surface pores
    When you look at your dentures they appear to be made of a solid, unbroken material. However, when viewed under a microscope you can see that the surface of a set of dentures is actually covered in tiny pockmarks. Because of these tiny holes, a quick brushing every day is not enough to thoroughly clean your dentures. Even a thorough brushing may not be enough to reach the bacteria in those tiny crevices. Though our mouths naturally contain bacteria, our body is able to use our immune system to keep them in check. Because your dentures are made of artificial materials and are not an organic part of you, they are not able to benefit from the immune system in the same way. Acrylic denture material has no germ fighting properties like our natural gums, making it easy for bacteria to thrive.

  2. Overnight soaking can kill 99.9 percent of denture germs
    Though pharmacy shelves are full of a variety of denture cleaning products, not all products are equally effective at cleaning dentures. Though you may be tempted to purchase the least expensive or fastest acting cleaner, it is not in your best interest. Opt instead for an overnight soaking solution so that the solution has time to penetrate the tiny surface pores of your dentures and eliminate bacteria. If you are unsure which product is right for you talk to your denturist, dentist or dental hygienist.

  3. Dentures that aren’t properly cleaned can pose potential health risks
    If you suffer from dry mouth, like the majority of the aging population, your dentures can pose a serious health risk if not properly soaked and disinfected. In addition, the likelihood of experiencing dry mouth increases with the number of prescription medications you take. Saliva provides a variety of protective benefits and is typically the mouth’s first line of defense against bacteria. Denture wearers that experience reduced salivary flow should take extra care to ensure their dentures are disinfected each day.

  4. Older individuals have higher bacteria counts in their mouth
    Whether you wear dentures or not, most older individuals have more bacteria in their mouth than the average person. However, denture wearers are more likely to have higher bacteria levels than non denture wearers. This is due to several factors including reduced salivary flow and a diminished immune system. As you age your mouth requires more vigilant care, which can pose a problem if you find that age has reduced your dexterity. Soaking your dentures overnight in a disinfecting solution helps you to ensure your dentures are properly cleaned each day even if you have trouble brushing them thoroughly.

Soaking your dentures overnight is important for proper disinfection. Because older individuals and denture wearers both have higher levels of bacteria in their mouths, individuals in these groups need to be extra vigilant about keeping their teeth or dentures clean. Contaminated dentures can pose a variety of oral and overall health problems. Proper soaking ensures that your dentures are properly disinfected each night and that almost all bacteria is eradicated.

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Vlad Dumbrava

Vlad Dumbrava has been active in the field of denture therapy since 2008. Upon receiving his denturist degree in 2011 from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, he continued his education in Medical Sciences at Western University.

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