What Can a Denturist Do for You?

What Can a Denturist Do for You?

Many people don’t tend to consider what denturists do unless they need dentures or they are interested in becoming a denturist themselves. Many people think you can just get dentures from your dentist, and although some dentists offer dentures, a denturist is a specialist and an incredibly important resource for people missing some or all of their natural teeth. But denturists don’t only make dentures, they also provide invaluable denture services that help your oral health while keeping your mouth comfortable. Whether you need dentures, already have them, or have a loved one with dentures, here are some of the ways a denturist can serve you.

What A Denturist Can Do

Create A Denture Mold
Dentures need to fit your mouth perfectly, which requires dentures to be custom-made. Before your dentures can be made, your denturist will need to take a mold of your mouth so that they can use this replica to create a denture base that will sit comfortably in your mouth, stay in place, and look completely natural. You will need to have a mold created whether you receive partial or complete dentures.

Align Your Bite
After your dentures are created, your denturist will need to make sure they are comfortable and that your bite is properly aligned. A misaligned bite can cause uneven pressure on the jaw that can be damaging and painful to the jaw and gums. By ensuring your bite is properly aligned, your denturist helps to keep your mouth comfortable and safe while prolonging the life of your dentures. And your denturist doesn’t only align your bite when you first get your dentures; if your dentures are making your mouth sore or you suspect they are no longer properly aligned, your denturist can adjust your dentures at any time.

Assess Denture Problems
If your dentures are creating sore spots in your mouth, if you are struggling to eat with your dentures in, if your dentures move when you speak, or if you experience any other problems with your dentures, speak with your denturist. Your denturist can assess what might be causing the problem and they can perform adjustments to resolve the issue. Your denturist can also help you learn how to prevent certain denture problems, such as those caused by improper denture care.

Perform Repairs
Sometimes accidents happen and dentures break. If you eat foods that are too hard or sticky you may damage a tooth and if you drop your dentures you may break the base. If any damage does occur, take your dentures to the denturist for a denture rebase or repair. Never try to fix dentures on your own as this can further damage your dentures, can cause problems with your mouth and jaw, and can be dangerous to your health.

Give Referrals
Sometimes people getting dentures may need teeth pulled if their remaining teeth are in poor condition or are causing problems. When a person goes for a consultation with a denturist, the denturist may refer them to a dentist to get teeth pulled. You will need a referral to an oral surgeon if you are interested in denture implants, as a denturist can only complete a preliminary assessment of your tooth and mouth health. Then your denturist can then refer you to an oral surgeon for a further examination and to begin the denture implant procedures. From there, your oral surgeon and your denturist will work together to create secure denture implants. Learn more about the denture implant process by reading A Step By Step Guide To The Denture Implant Process.

Visit A Denturist For All Your Denture Needs

Whether you have dentures already or you are looking to get them for the first time, Future Smiles Denture Clinic can guide you on your denture journey. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff ensures all of our patients receive the care they need and are informed and educated about dentures and denture care. We offer a variety of services for complete dentures, partial dentures, flexible dentures, and denture implants. When you get your dentures from Future Smiles Denture Clinic, the first year of adjustments and repairs is FREE so that your dentures fit comfortably and naturally. To speak with the team at Future Smiles Denture Clinic in Calgary, you can visit the SW Calgary Denture clinic on Macleod or the NE Calgary location in Coral Springs. To book a free consultation with our Calgary Denturist, call 1-403-475-0016 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Is denture fit important?
A: Yes, denture fit is very important. When dentures are ill fitting they can cause pain in the mouth. The fit of your dentures will not only affect the way you eat and speak, but they can also impact your health. To learn more, read Can Ill-Fitting Dentures Impact Health?

Q: How can I help keep my dentures comfortable?
A: Dentures will need relines over time as the shape of your jaw changes, but there are some ways you can keep your dentures as comfortable as possible. Make sure you clean your dentures and gums every night, take your dentures out at night to let your gums breathe, and keep your dentures in water when they are not in use, for a start. Read Caring For Your Dentures: A Step By Step Guide to learn more about denture care.

Q: I’m looking for affordable denture solutions. What options do I have?
A: At Future Smiles Dentures Clinic, we know that Calgarians are looking for low-cost, stress-free denture payment plans. This is why we offer affordable denture solutions, including direct billing and financing.

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