3 Reasons Why You Should Never Attempt to Repair Your Dentures at Home

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Have you been thinking about repairing your broken dentures yourself at home? Here are the three main reasons why you shouldn't even entertain the notion. 

You might think you can save yourself some money by fixing your broken dentures at home. While repair kits and other remedies are surely less expensive than a professional denture repair from a qualified denturist, you might actually end up costing yourself more money in the long run. You might also cause yourself unnecessary harm or discomfort along the way. 

Here are the three biggest reasons why you should never attempt to repair your dentures at home, courtesy of our Calgary denturist.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Never Attempt to Repair Your Dentures at Home

There are many reasons why dentures can break. Maybe they've reached the end of their life cycle after years of wear and tear or accidentally been dropped. Whatever the reason, having broken dentures is surely a frightening experience. You rely on your prosthetic to eat, talk, and smile as you normally do. Having these three vital things suddenly taken away from you can be extremely distressing. 

Perhaps your distress has led you to believe you can fix your dentures on your own. Here are three reasons why you shouldn't even entertain the thought. 

1. Toxic glues: If you opt to use super glue to fix cracked or broken dentures, then you could be putting yourself in serious danger. Most of these adhesives contain toxic chemicals, and putting them in your mouth is a bad idea. Moreover, most super glues are water-soluble, so your fix will only be a temporary one at best.

2. You could damage your dentures more: If you attempt to fix your dentures at home, there's a good chance you will repair them improperly. This could lead to a bite that is off or further damage. Either way, your denture will most likely be worse off than if you were to take it to your denturist right away. You may have even damaged your denture so badly with your at-home repair that your current one is unable to be salvaged, meaning you will have to shell out for a new one.

3. You could cause yourself pain: Fixing your dentures at home and doing so improperly could lead to unnecessary mouth pain. Especially if the damage they have suffered has resulted in any sharp edges or pieces that are sticking out. Your dentures may immediately become unwearable due to the discomfort and pain they cause you, leading you to head to your denturist anyway.


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See Your Denturist at the First Sign of Damage

It's important to book an appointment to see your denturist as soon as you notice your denture is broken or damaged. They will be able to assess the damage that has occurred and can quickly rectify the problem so you can get back to living your life right away. If cost is an issue, most denturists provide flexible financing options to help those who are underinsured or on a fixed income. 

Should you require denture repairs in Calgary, please contact us today. Our same-day emergency denture repair service can help remove any stress or discomfort your broken dentures are causing you.

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If you need affordable dentures or denture repairs in Calgary, Future Smiles Denture Clinic has you covered. Just get in touch with our helpful denture team by calling 403-475-0016 or by booking a FREE consultation or by visiting our Coral Springs NE or Macleod SW Calgary clinics. We'd love to help get you smiling again!


How much does it cost to repair dentures?

It depends on how damaged your denture is, but it typically costs between $125 to $225.

How long does a denture repair take?

The answer to this question is unique to each different situation requiring a denture repair. Our same-day emergency denture repair service can fix and return your dentures to you within one business day so long as there are no unforeseen challenges.

Why do dentures break in half?

Usually, a denture will break in half due to wear and tear that has accumulated over the years. It may also break in half if it has been dropped and suffered a sharp impact with a hard surface such as your bathroom counter.

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