What It Takes To Become A Denturist In Canada

What It Takes To Become A Denturist In Canada

Dentures have been a part of human culture for centuries, with the popularization of dentures booming about 300 years ago, when sugar made its debut on the market. While dentures have been an important part of human life for a long period, Denturism wasn’t officially recognized as a field until 1961. Since then, the field of Denturism has developed specific requirements and an understanding of the advanced denture technologies used today. Whether you are interested in becoming a Denturist yourself or if you’re curious about the process your Denturist undertook to get where they are today, here are the basic duties, requirements, and assets required for a Canadian Denturist.

The Requirements For A Canadian Denturist

The Duties Of A Denturist. Canadian Denturists' main duty is to provide denture solutions to their patients. This includes conducting an oral examination and evaluation of the patient, including a full understanding of the medical records, dental history, and medication of the patient. Once the initial exam is completed, the Denturist needs to take impressions of the mouth, make jaw relation records, select the artificial teeth, and create the design for the dentures. Once the design is complete, the Denturist can then create and insert the dentures into the patient’s mouth. After the dentures are in use, the Denturist can perform any necessary services, such as relines, rebases, repairs, or adjustments.

Scholarly Requirements. To become a Denturist in Canada, a person must first graduate high school and then either graduate with an Associate Degree or complete a minimum of 2 years of university within a science program before they can apply to a Denturism/Denturology program. This program will then last two to three years. Before a person can start working in the field of Denturism, they must pass a certification exam administered by a college of Denturists. Once the exam is passed, a person can call themself a Denturist and can begin practicing under that title. Some technical institutes offer a 2 year Denturist program with 1 year of practicum experience.

Other Skills. Denturists clearly need the training and technical skills developed during their education to hone their craft and deliver top-quality, well-fitted dentures to all their patients, but there are some skills that aren’t taught. Between consultations, fittings, adjustments, and more, Denturists work with the public often and need good interpersonal skills. Excellent communication is also vital, as patients need to feel heard and the Denturist needs to explain everything the patient needs to know in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Manual dexterity is also an asset, as a Denturist needs to be rather hands-on in their work. This position also requires a level of imagination and creativity, as new problems present themselves and the Denturist must be able to quickly adapt and find solutions for their patients.

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Q: I need dentures. Where do I start?
A: The best place to start when considering replacement teeth is visiting a qualified Denturist. During a free consultation, Vlad Dumbrava will be able to advise if dentures are the right treatment solution for you and which denture type works best for your specific needs.

Q: What should I look for in a Denturist?
A: When you go for a consultation with a Denturist, the best Denturist for you will listen to you and acknowledge your concerns as well as show obvious professionalism and knowledge in their field.

Q: How many Denturists are there in Canada?
A: There are currently approximately 2,000 practicing Denturists/Denturologists in Canada.

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