What Causes Broken Dentures? The 3 Main Culprits and How to Protect Yours

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The importance of dentures for those who wear them can not be understated. That's why when they break it's a great cause for concern. Here are the three main culprits as witnessed by our Calgary denture clinic.

Broken dentures can cause a lot of distress. These advanced tooth replacement prosthetics are a vital lifeline for those who wear them, allowing them to eat, talk, and smile comfortably. So when they break, fear can quickly set in. But not addressing the problem or attempting to fix them at home with an over-the-counter denture repair kit can cause more problems over the long run and end up costing you more money than if you were to get your complete or partial dentures fixed right away. 

In an effort to help you avoid breaking your dentures, our denturist in Calgary has put together the below list, which outlines the three leading causes behind broken dentures that he sees and provides some tips on how to avoid breaking them.

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The 3 Main Culprits of Broken Dentures

If you have false teeth, you know how important they are to you when it comes to maintaining your quality of life. Despite the recent advancements in denture durability and overall improvement they've experienced in terms of quality, dentures can still break. Here are the three main reasons why they do.

1. They've been dropped

The most common cause of broken dentures is also the most avoidable. Anytime a person who has dentures takes them out, there's a risk they could be dropped and suffer a chip, crack, or full break. While those who wear complete or partial dentures are always reminded to be careful when removing and inserting them, as time goes on, we all tend to get a little more careless with things. Just think of all the times you've dropped something significant to you, resulting in it getting damaged or broken, and it's easy to see how this can happen.

Pro tip: While vigilance is the best advice when it comes to removing and inserting dentures to avoid them breaking due to being dropped, there are a couple of things you can do to limit the risk of them getting damaged if they do slip out of your fingers. You can fill up your bathroom sink with water and place towels along the edge of the counter to help soften the impact should you lose a handle on them. 


2. They no longer fit properly

If your dentures no longer fit the way they should, you could be putting them at an increased risk for breaking. Improperly fitting dentures can also cause you pain or discomfort. That's why it's so important to head to your denturist right away the moment you realize they aren't fitting like they used to.

When dentures no longer fit right, the dentures can be placed under pressure or face stress they weren't designed to withstand. While the dentures themselves haven't changed, oftentimes, the shape of someone's mouth does once their natural teeth are no longer present or have been removed. This is because their jawbone no longer has the support it requires from the roots of their teeth, which results in the degradation of the jawbone.

Pro tip: While there isn't much you can do to stop the natural process of the jawbone breaking down due to there no longer being dental roots within it, practicing good oral hygiene and eating healthy foods can slow down this progression. The biggest tip for avoiding a break in your dentures due to an improper fit is getting them relined or readjusted as soon as you notice they're not fitting right.

3. They experience everyday wear and tear

The third main cause of broken dentures is certainly the most unavoidable one of them all. While dentures have become much more sturdy and durable over the past few years, they're still not immune to the everyday wear and tear that occurs due to using them. As the years go by and your dentures are subjected to the pressures of chewing and temperature shifts, they can gradually wear down. Once this happens, they're much more prone to breaking. 

Pro tip: Regular denture care and maintenance is the best defence against wear and tear. Avoiding certain foods like those which are high in acid, which can cause dentures to wear down quicker, is also a strategy you can employ. Visiting your denturist regularly for check-ups will also help you detect any issues your dentures may be experiencing early on, allowing for quick adjustments or repairs which could save you from breaking them and needing a costly full replacement.

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