3 Facts You Need To Know About Denture Implants

3 Facts You Need To Know About Denture Implants

When your natural teeth are gone and it’s time to get dentures, you have some options. Although complete dentures are typically the most common denture solution for people missing all of their natural teeth on either the upper or lower jaw (or both), denture implants are another option. Unlike complete dentures, denture implants are a permanent denture solution that fuse to the jaw. Denture implants are surgically implanted into the jaw under the gums and then a denturist secures the denture into place and it stays there for years. If you’re interested in denture implants, here are some things to consider.

All About Denture Implants

  1. Denture Implants Function And Look Like Natural Teeth
    Because denture implants are a permanent denture solution, they do not need to be removed for care the way complete dentures do. Instead, you can brush your denture implants the same way that you would brush your natural teeth. Denture implants are also nearly as strong as natural teeth and since they are secured in place, there is no risk of movement. This gives you more freedom to eat the foods you want without fear of pulling your dentures out of place or damaging them. Because denture implants stay in place, you also don’t have to worry about anyone seeing your dentures move and knowing they aren’t your real teeth. In general, denture implants are very simple to care for because they are so similar to your natural teeth.
  2. Denture Implants Protect Against Jawbone Loss
    The jawbone needs the root of the teeth to avoid a process called resorption. When there are no natural teeth and therefore no roots within the jawbone, the jawbone begins to shrink and weaken and many people who wear complete dentures will see an alteration in their face shape over the years. But denture implants can help maintain your natural face shape. Because denture implants are fused to the jaw, they take the place of a natural tooth root. When you chew with denture implants, your body interprets the artificial implants as a real tooth root and it preserves your jawbone shape and strength.
  3. Denture Implant Surgery Is Common And Safe
    Although denture implants take a while to heal and have a few phases of surgery and healing, the surgeries are actually fairly common, simple, and safe. Oral surgeons perform a lot of dental implant surgeries, which are essentially the same as denture implants, so dental surgeons typically have a lot of experience with this type of surgery. Even though the surgery involves placing an artificial implant into the jaw and waiting for this to fuse, the actual surgery itself is very safe, quick surgery that typically only requires localized anaesthesia. Most denture implants are all-on-4 dentures, meaning only 4 implants are used to hold the dentures in place. This gives the jaw enough stimulation to avoid resorption while also securing the dentures without the need for extensive surgery.

Denture Implants In Calgary

If you are ready for permanent dentures that look and feel like natural teeth and that comfortably stay in place, consider denture implants. The highly skilled staff at Future Smiles Denture Clinic in Calgary offer individualized care that optimizes comfort, aesthetics, and function and we offer the highest levels of service to all of our patients. To learn if you are a good candidate for denture implants, speak with a Calgary denturist at Future Smiles Denture Clinic by visiting the SW Calgary Denture clinic on Macleod, or the NE Calgary location in Coral Springs, or book a free consultation with our Calgary denturist by calling 1-403-475-0016. You can also contact us by filling out the online contact form.


Q: How do I know if I’m a good candidate for denture implants?
A: You are likely eligible for denture implants if you have healthy gums, a healthy jawbone, and you don’t use tobacco. To learn more, read Am I A Good Candidate For Denture Implants?

Q: How long do denture implants last?
A: Denture implants are considered a permanent solution that, when cared for, can last anywhere from ten to twenty years.

Q: Are there negative aspects of dental implants?
A: Aside from the minor side effects of the procedure, such as mild pain and swelling, dental implants tend to be an expensive procedure; however, dental implants are a long-lasting solution that won’t need rebasing, relining, or other upkeep costs, and Future Smiles Denture Clinic does offer affordable denture solutions.

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