What Can A Denturist Do?

What Can A Denturist Do?

Denturists play a vital role in the oral health of many Canadians, particularly as they age. When a person loses some or all of their natural teeth, everyday tasks become difficult, including speaking, eating, and smiling with confidence. Denturists help their patients get back to smiling and enjoying life by offering denture services. Although denturists help so many people, there are still those who don’t know exactly what they do or how they differ from dentists. Although denturist and dentist sound similar, they are two distinct professions with many key differences. Here is a breakdown of the services a denturist can perform for their patients and what being a denturist involves.

What Is A Denturist?

A denturist is a dental health care professional that works with people who are missing some or all of their natural teeth. Denturists are specifically trained to work with dentures and they may collaborate with other dental health care professionals such as dentists and dental surgeons when needed.

What Tasks Does A Denturist Perform?
Denturists will consult with patients who are interested in replacing all or some of their natural teeth. The denturist will examine the condition of the teeth and jaw to determine if the patient is eligible for partial dentures, complete dentures, or denture implants. If the patient needs any teeth removed due to tooth or gum disease before the denture is made, the denturist will let the patient know and may send them to a dentist with a referral. The denturist is also responsible for creating a mold of the patient’s mouth from which the denture is created. The denturist will then design a denture from this mold. While some denturists may send the designs away to be created elsewhere, other denture clinics create their own dentures on-site to help create affordable denture solutions without compromising on quality. Once the dentures are created, the denturist will then fit and adjust them so they sit comfortably in the mouth. A denturist is also trained to perform relines and rebases as necessary. Your denturist can instruct you on proper denture care, which differs from regular tooth care.

What Schooling Does A Denturist Need?
To practice as a denturist, a person must complete an approved denturist program, pass the qualifying exam of their province, and be registered with the college of denturists of their province. To learn more about the education, training, and skills required to become a denturist, read What It Takes To Become A Denturist In Canada.

How Is A Denturist Different From A Dentist?
Whereas a denturist is trained to work specifically with dentures, a dentist is trained to work specifically with teeth and gums. This is why denturists and dentists will work together. For example, since a denturist doesn’t remove teeth, if a patient has a tooth that too is damaged by tooth or gum disease to withstand dentures, this tooth may have to be extracted by a dentist or dental surgeon before that patient can get their dentures. Conversely, a dentist doesn’t create dentures, and patients who need tooth replacements beyond a few teeth will need to go to a denturist.

Find A Denturist In Calgary

If you require denture services, you will have to visit a qualified Calgary denturist instead of a dentist. A denturist can help you determine what type of dentures are right for your needs and will facilitate a discussion of the next steps in your denture process. At Future Smile Denture Clinic in Calgary, we strive to provide our patients with individualized denture care that maximizes comfort, function, and aesthetics. We deliver the highest level of service to our patients, treating them in an empathetic, honest, and professional manner. Our qualified and experienced Calgary denturist, Vlad Dumbrava, will help you regain your beautiful smile so you can eat, speak, and smile with confidence. Contact Future Smiles Denture Clinic at 1-403-475-0016 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: I’m looking for affordable denture solutions. What options do I have?
A: At Future Smiles Dentures Clinic, we know that Calgarians are looking for low-cost, stress-free denture payment plans. This is why we offer affordable denture solutions, including direct billing and financing.

Q: I need dentures. Where do I start?
A: The best place to start when considering replacement teeth is visiting a qualified denturist. During a free consultation, Vlad Dumbrava will be able to advise if dentures are the right treatment solution for you and which denture type works best for your specific needs.

Q: How much does it cost to get dentures in Alberta? 
A: The price varies depending on the number of teeth to be replaced as well as the extent of gum health. However, the Alberta Dental Association & College releases a yearly pricing guide for dental services. This pricing guide can provide a general overview of how much you can expect to pay - around $300 per tooth that is replaced.

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