How to Know if You're a Good Fit for Life-Changing Denture Implants

Have you been thinking of getting denture implants to help solve your tooth loss problems? Our Calgary denture clinic has the perfect guide to let you know if you're a good candidate for these cutting-edge dentures. 

Implant-supported dentures — which are commonly called denture implants — present the latest advancement in denture technology and innovation. Based on the dental implant procedure that was first perfected in the 1960s, denture implants provide remarkable benefits for their wearers, including: 

  • Longevity (they can last up to 20 years when taken care of properly)
  • Improved eating and speaking ability
  • They prevent bone loss in the jaw
  • They look, feel, and function remarkably similar to natural teeth
  • They don't slip and there's no need for adhesives
  • They don't cause any sore spots or discomfort as traditional dentures sometimes too

While denture implants represent the most cutting-edge denture solution currently out there, they are not ideal for every patient. Let's take a closer look at some of the things that may prohibit you from being able to use them.

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How to Know if You're a Good Fit for Life-Changing Denture Implants

At our Calgary denture clinics in the SW and NE quadrants of the city, we regularly advise people as to whether or not they are a good candidate for denture implants. While this sort of denture solution provides unparalleled benefits, sometimes a patient simply isn't a good candidate for them. Let's look at some of the main reasons why that may be.

1. They can't afford them

One of the biggest impediments to receiving denture implants is their initial high cost compared to traditional full dentures. While they may cost you more at the start, we always remind our patients to consider the long-term cost savings denture implants provide. They don't require maintenance nearly as frequently and can last for many more years than traditional complete dentures. 

Most of the higher cost has to do with the surgical aspect of the procedure. Once the surgery has been completed, however, you should never have to worry about getting the implants inserted again.

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2. They don't want to undergo surgery

As touched on above, denture implants do require surgery for the implants to be inserted into the jawbone of the patient. All surgery inherently brings with it risks, which is something you will have to consider before moving forward with the procedure. If you are wary of having surgery, denture implants may not be for you. 


3. They don't have enough bone density in their jawbone

Denture implants require enough bone density in the jawbone for the root implant to take hold and become anchored. If there isn't enough bone for the implant to be effectively inserted and supported, then denture implants are most likely out of the question. There is one way this problem can be addressed and it's through bone grafting. Recent advancements in bone grafting have resulted in either animal or cadaver bones now being able to be used, as opposed to a patient's own bone as before.


4. They smoke or have poor oral hygiene habits

If a patient is a heavy smoker or has poor oral hygiene habits, then we may recommend against denture implants. Both of these risk factors increase the chances of peri-implantitis, an infectious disease that leads to inflammation around the implant which may lead to implant failure. Other health concerns that increase the risk of peri-implantitis include gum disease, diabetes, and arthritis.

Made it this far? You're likely a good candidate for denture implants!

If none of the above roadblocks apply to you, then congratulations, you're most likely an ideal candidate for denture implants. This tooth replacement option will have you feeling as though you've regained all your natural teeth, and you'll have to remind yourself that you in fact do have dentures on a daily basis. Be sure to give us a call to book your free consultation and let's start working on your future smile today.


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