How the Main Tooth Replacement Solutions Differ

There are more tooth replacement options now than ever before. Our Calgary denture clinic breaks down the differences between the main ones in this week's article.

It can be slightly overwhelming when first navigating the world of denture and tooth replacement options. From complete dentures to dental implants, there are many choices for patients to choose from when it comes to replacing their missing natural teeth. 

Not all options are well-suited for every patient though. Taking into account your specific needs and lifestyle, your denturist should be able to expertly help you decide which option is best for you. Before then though, use this handy guide to get a better idea of the options available to you and how they differ from one another.

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Complete Dentures

Also known as full dentures, complete dentures are what first spring to mind when most people picture dentures. This tooth replacement option is made for people who have no natural teeth remaining and they can be removed. They are kept in place using suction and come in two different varieties, immediate and conventional. 

Immediate dentures: These are made before you have your remaining natural teeth extracted so you have teeth immediately following the procedure. 

Conventional dentures: After your jaw and gums have fully healed, you can switch from immediate dentures to conventional ones. Like the immediate dentures you first used, they will be removable and kept in position via suction.

Partial Dentures

These dentures are designed for people who have only a few natural teeth missing. They work similarly to full dentures in that they can be removed, but they are instead held in place by clasps that have been secured to the adjoining natural teeth by your denturist. Like with complete or full dentures, partial ones should be removed before you retire to bed for the evening.


Dental Bridges

Similar to a partial denture, the main difference between a bridge and them is that a bridge is not removable. Rather, the bridge is fixed into place either using your remaining natural teeth on either side if they are healthy enough, or your denturist must use a dental implant to support the bridge if they are not. There are also resin-bonded bridges, which are used when you are missing just your front teeth, as well as cantilever bridges, which are used when you only have a healthy remaining natural tooth or teeth on one side of the missing one(s). This denture option, like partial dentures, is best suited for patients who are only missing a few natural teeth.

Dental Implants or Denture Implants

These advanced tooth replacement options utilize titanium roots that are surgically implanted into a patient's jawbone to support the artificial tooth. Dental implants are primarily used when a patient is only missing between one or three natural teeth, due to their high cost and the availability of other solutions such as a dental bridge or partial denture, which are much more cost-effective.

Denture implants, also known as implant-supported dentures, use multiple titanium roots to hold in place specially designed complete dentures. These dentures are not removable like conventional ones are, and the patient must visit their denturist periodically for cleaning and maintenance.

Finding the Right Denture Solution for You

After reading through the different denture solutions available to you, you should have a better idea of which option should address your specific tooth replacement needs. As always, should you have any further questions about the affordable dentures we provide at Future Smiles Denture Clinic or would like to book your free consult, then please don't hesitate to contact us today.

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Q: How much do dentures cost in Calgary?

Depending on what type of denture you get, the cost will vary quite significantly. Partial dentures typically cost between $700 and $3,500, while complete dentures will generally cost between $1,000 to $3,000. Implant-supported dentures meanwhile usually cost anywhere between $2,000 to $5,000.

Q: Are dentures better than implants?

This question is completely dependant on your tooth replacement needs. If you only have one or two teeth missing and can afford the cost of a dental implant, then this option is certainly the gold standard in tooth replacement. But if you have a lot of natural teeth missing, partial or complete dentures are probably your best bet. Unless all your natural teeth are gone, in which case implant-supported dentures are the ideal solution.

Q: Who is not a good candidate for dental implants?

Those who do not have enough bone density within their jawbone are not ideal candidates for dental implants since there is not enough structure to support the roots. Those who smoke are also not considered great candidates because their risk of implant failure is increased.

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