Everything You Need to Know About a Denture Rebase

Not quite sure what a denture rebase is and whether you need one? In our article this week, our Calgary denture clinic will fill you in on everything you need to know about this procedure and how it differs from other denture care techniques. 

A denture rebase is done when the teeth of your dentures are still in good working order but the acrylic base of your dentures is not. Some of the main reasons for a denture rebase include: 

  • Damage to the base
  • Faded or weakened denture base
  • An immediate denture needs to be replaced

While a denture rebase and denture reline are somewhat similar, there are a few ways these two procedures differ from one another.

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Why do my dentures need a rebase? 

If the teeth of your dentures are still doing well and don't have any major wear and tear but the acrylic base of them is starting to get worn or faded, then your denturist may recommend this procedure to extend the longevity of your complete or partial dentures. Compared to replacing your entire set of dentures, a rebase will save you a lot of time and money. Another benefit of this procedure is that it won't impact the look of your dentures at all since the teeth are not being altered. A rebase may also be ordered by your denturist if the base has become damaged or broken but the teeth are still in good condition. 


How does a denture rebase work?

When either you or your Calgary denture clinic have determined that the acrylic base of your complete or partial dentures needs to be replaced, a few things will happen:

  • Your denturist will make another impression of your mouth
  • Your artificial teeth will be sectioned off from the existing base and all remaining base material will be carefully removed from the teeth 
  • Sticky wax is used to keep your artificial teeth in position as the cast from your impression is covered with wax
  • The cast of your mouth is further worked upon by your denturist and the teeth are waxed further so the proper thickness and alignment is achieved
  • The cast with your teeth now in place is processed using special denturist techniques to ensure it is strong enough to handle the demands of everyday life
  • Your denturist will then perform a remount to make sure your complete or partial denture fits perfectly

How does a denture rebase differ from a denture reline?

While both procedures focus on the base of the denture in question to improve or repair the fit, a denture rebase is a much more involved process than a denture reline. A reline is done when the teeth of your complete or partial dentures are still in good shape but your dentures no longer fit as they should. Instead of replacing the whole base of your dentures, a reline involves adding more of the pink acrylic material which comprises it to the tissue side of the denture in order to improve its fit. Some of the main reasons you may need a denture reline include: 

  • Further loss of remaining natural teeth
  • Significant weight loss
  • Bone or tissue loss
  • Changes to the shape of your mouth

In the end, both a denture rebase and denture reline address the base of your dentures and correct any deficiencies you may be experiencing when it comes to how they fit or function. While a rebase involves more work than a reline, sometimes it's the best repair option available to you if the teeth in your denture are still in great shape. It's also a lot less expensive than having to replace your entire dentures, making it the affordable choice to prolong the longevity of your current ones. 

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