Do I Need a Denture Repair or Reline? What's the Difference?

Not sure if you need a denture repair or reline? Don't know what the difference is between the two? In our article this week, our Calgary denture clinic will break down what a denture reline is so you can better determine if this procedure is right for you. 

When your dentures aren't fitting properly or functioning the way they should, it can be tough to know what needs to be done to fix them aside from visiting your Calgary denture clinic. While a denture reline falls under the broad category of denture repairs, this procedure is usually a lot less expensive than the typical denture repairs that you may be more familiar with. Let's take a look at what a denture reline in Calgary entails. 

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What is a denture reline? 

A denture reline is a procedure that's carried out when the teeth of your dentures are still in good working condition but the pink acrylic base is no longer fitting the way it should. Some of the main reasons why you may need a denture reline include: 

  • Further loss of remaining natural teeth
  • Significant weight loss
  • Bone or tissue loss
  • Changes to the shape of your mouth

What happens in a denture reline?

When your complete or partial dentures are being relined the tissue side of the pink acrylic base that holds your teeth in place is being resurfaced or built up with additional acrylic so the fit becomes better. A denture reline is necessary every so often to keep your dentures functioning properly and fitting well so their longevity is kept intact.

When your dentures don't fit properly anymore, your mouth may put pressure on the prosthetic that it was never intended to withstand. This could lead to your complete or partial dentures breaking or becoming damaged, which would be a much more costly fix. 

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How often should my dentures be relined? 

When it comes to a denture reline, there are two different options: hard and soft. A hard reline is recommended once every two years for those who wear complete or partial dentures as it will continually keep your dentures fitting and functioning their best.

A soft reline is usually done for patients whose gums have become too tender to wear dentures due to sore spots. It primarily addresses comfort and is also used often for new denture wearers to help them get accustom to the feeling of them. 


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