5 Signs Your Dentures Need to Be Repaired

Do you suspect your dentures may require repairs? Here are five surefire signs that they do, courtesy of our Calgary denture repair expert. 

Timely denture repairs are critical to keeping your quality of life high if you wear complete or even partial dentures. Putting them off can lead to discomfort, pain, and a very large bill should your dentures degrade to the point where they are irreparable, necessitating a complete replacement. Here are five signs your dentures need some time with your denturist so they can be repaired to their original state.

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5 Signs Your Dentures Need to Be Repaired

For those who wear dentures, the prosthetics are a lifeline that allows them to eat, smile, and talk comfortably like they used to with their natural teeth. Having them out of commission is not an option, but neither is suffering through obvious issues that could be easily fixed by an experienced denturist.

Sometimes the fear of having to spend money on repairs can be the thing stopping someone from contacting their Calgary denture clinic, as most denture wearers are of an advanced age and may be on a fixed income. But many denture clinics, Future Smiles included, will work with patients to make paying for repairs as easy and painless as possible. And if someone puts off their denture repairs, it can lead to them being damaged past the point of no return, requiring a complete replacement of the prosthetic, and a heftier bill. 

With all of the above in mind, here are five surefire signs you need to get your dentures repaired as soon as possible.

1. Your dentures are cracked or chipped

Aside from suffering a clean break, having your dentures be cracked or chipped is probably the most obvious sign that repairs are required. This goes for the teeth, acrylic base, or any other component. At the first sign of a crack or chip, contact your denturist as soon as you can. Delaying this sort of repair is most likely to lead to a major problem and possibly a full denture replacement being needed.


2. Your dentures feel uncomfortable

This denture repair warning sign should not go unheeded. Your dentures were crafted so they wouldn't be uncomfortable, ever. If you suddenly experience discomfort due to your dentures then that's a sign something isn't right. Some of the most common issues people experience when it comes to uncomfortable dentures include:

  • Pressure on your gums that is unevenly distributed
  • Mouth sores
  • Denture looseness
  • Jaw soreness or pain

If you find yourself experiencing any of the above, you should contact your Calgary denture clinic immediately and book an appointment to see your denturist.

3. You're having issues chewing

Your dentures should never cause you any problems when chewing your food. After all, one of the main reasons you got dentures was to be able to eat comfortably. It's common for those who just received their dentures to experience a bit of discomfort or tenderness when first eating with them, but if the problem persists you should contact your denturist right away. 

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4. Your face suddenly looks different

If the person looking back at you in the mirror suddenly appears different to you, that could be a sign your dentures are in need of repair. This lesser-known indicator stems from the fact dentures help fill out your face by keeping your cheeks full and even looking. If you're starting to look a little gaunt, you should call your denturist and book yourself in for an appointment. Your dentures may either need to be repaired, relined, or rebased.


5. Your dentures fit differently

This is another major sign that something is off with your dentures and they most likely require repairs. Seeing as you wear your dentures every day, or most likely do, then you should immediately notice that they aren't fitting as they used to. This warning sign should not be ignored, as wearing ill-fitting dentures can cause you pain or discomfort, or it can put stress on the dentures that they weren't designed to handle. Which could lead to a costly break and the need to replace them fully. The moment you notice your dentures aren't fitting properly, call your Calgary denture clinic and book an appointment with them right away. 

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