4 New Tooth Implant Technologies That Can Benefit You

Modern dentistry is advancing at an impressive rate. Learn all about the latest innovations in tooth implants and how you can benefit from them. 

When it comes to tooth replacement options, both traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures can offer convenient, durable, and comfortable solutions for one or more missing teeth.

However, while they do come with higher costs, tooth implants also come with significant benefits over dentures, including:

  • longer lifespan
  • more natural appearance and function
  • no need for messy adhesives 
  • no risk of your tooth implants shifting while eating or speaking

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At Future Smiles, we understand that not everyone’s tooth replacement needs are alike. That’s why we offer a wide range of tooth replacement solutions from traditional dentures to flexible partials and implant-supported dentures to meet all your unique needs.

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4 Exciting Advancements in Tooth Implant Technology

When it comes to replacing teeth that are missing due to age, injury, or disease, tooth implants are akin to a modern miracle. Capable of remaining strong and stable for almost a lifetime, this tooth replacement option is also aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking.

Even more exciting is that, as technology evolves, there are many advancements that have made tooth implants even more comfortable, stable, and realistic.

1. Titanium Posts That Mimic Bone Structure

While older tooth implants were smooth, newer versions of these titanium posts are roughened to mimic the exact texture of natural bone. This allows the natural bone to fuse more strongly to the implant so that they:

  • Are more stable
  • Look even more like your natural teeth
  • Have a lower rejection rate



2. Smaller Dental Implants

The new varieties of tooth implants are smaller than older versions and denturists now have an even greater range of products to offer their patients. The mini dental implant is now only 3 millimetres wide, compared to the older one which was 5 millimetres wide.

Who does this benefit? This is especially beneficial for patients who have less natural bone tissue and ensures that restorations are performed successfully.


3. Improved Imaging

One of the biggest and most exciting improvements in dental implant technology is treatment planning, largely due to more advanced imaging and computer technology.

  • CAT scans and MRI images can now help your denturist plan implant placement more accurately than ever before, accounting for the smallest anatomical differences.
  • CAD/CAM technology now allows doctors to create 3D models of smile restorations, giving patients the chance to explore all their options.


4. Realistic Dental Crowns

If we thought tooth implants were natural looking before, today’s technological advancements have made them even more so. New 3D printing devices and materials have made it possible to develop more realistic dental crowns, allowing patients to have tooth implants without ever drawing attention to their smiles.


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