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Future Smiles Denture Clinic | Blog | What Are Implant Supported Dentures?
  • Sep 09, 2021
  • Vlad Dumbrava

What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

Before covering the details and makeup of denture implants it’s important to recognize the differences between the two. Here is a comparison and contrast of the differences between implant supported dentures vs traditional dentures: Denture. . .

Future Smiles Blog - Denture Repairs
  • Jul 22, 2021
  • Vlad Dumbrava

All About Denture Repair and Relines

Denture Defects That Mean Time for Repair While the dentures of today are incredibly sturdy and can withstand years of wear and tear, it is inevitable that at some time you may find yourself in need of denture repair. The materials that they are. . .

Future Smiles Blog - Partial Dentures
  • Jul 08, 2021
  • Vlad Dumbrava

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Full dentures? Partial dentures? How do you know which one is best for you? Having a bright smile and straight teeth helps you feel comfortable and confident. But repairing your teeth is not just about cosmetics; the ability to eat well, speak. . .

Future Smiles Blog - Choosing Dentures
  • May 10, 2021
  • Vlad Dumbrava

Choosing the Right Type Of Dentures for Your Smile

Dentures are a practical solution that many people choose to improve both qualities of life and the appearance of missing teeth. Different dentures are available depending on a patient's situation and lifestyle. During the initial consultation,. . .

Future Smiles - Dental Implants Based On Jawbone Health
  • Apr 20, 2021
  • Vlad Dumbrava

Dental Implants Based On Jawbone Health

Dental implants are a permanent replacement option for missing teeth and dentures. They work by implanting a structure beneath the gum that holds a post outside of the gum for the replacement teeth to attach to. Depending on the density and strength. . .

Future Smiles Denture Clinic | Dental Implants
  • Mar 23, 2021
  • Vlad Dumbrava

Do Dental Implants Look Fake? 3 Tips To Make Your Dental Implant Look Natural

Whether you’ve recently lost a tooth or searching for replacement teeth solutions for a while, you might be considering dental implants. When considering this dental procedure, you might be wondering if dental implants look like real natural. . .

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