What You Need to Do if Your Dentures Break

Suddenly found yourself with broken dentures? Not sure what you should do next? The first thing to remember is to not panic. Unfortunately things like this happen, at the worst time it often seems. In our article this week, we'll look at some common causes behind denture damage so you can try to avoid any future problems, and give you the proper advice for what you should do if your dentures are broken. 

Having your dentures break can cause a whole bunch of thoughts to start swirling around inside your head. "How am I going to eat? How will I afford to repair them? Maybe I can get away with fixing them myself". While certainly troubling, the first thing you need to do after discovering your complete or partial dentures are broken is assess the damage. Some of the most common damage dentures experience include: 

  • A dislodged or broken tooth
  • Full dentures that have split in half
  • A piece of the pink acrylic breaks off
  • A broken metal clasp for partial dentures

Once you've determined the damage and assessed how severe it is, then you can make a better informed decision about what you should do next. 

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What you need to do if your dentures break

The first thing you need to do if your dentures break is remove them from your mouth. Keeping broken dentures in can lead to pain and discomfort, cause damage to your gums, or further degrade the dentures. Once you've removed your dentures, you should inspect them closely to see just how badly they've been damaged. 

Common causes of broken dentures

There are a number of different reasons why partial or complete dentures can become broken. The most common cause though is dropping them. That's why it's crucially important to always handle your dentures with care when either removing or inserting them. Ways you can help prevent broken dentures due to dropping them include: 

  • Placing a towel on your bathroom counter or sink to cushion the blow if they happen to be dropped
  • Filling your sink up with water before removing or inserting your dentures 

Dentures can also be broken from routine day-to-day use, especially if they are no longer fitting properly due to bone loss in your jaw or further degradation of your remaining teeth. Chewing with loose dentures can cause them to bend in certain areas where they weren't designed to, eventually leading to a fracture or break. 

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Never try to repair your dentures yourself

While it can be tempting to try to fix your dentures yourself in order to save some money, we highly advise against doing so. Using superglue to repair broken or fractured dentures can expose you to toxic chemicals, and trying to repair your dentures with other over-the-counter products could end up damaging them more in the long run, which could lead to having to replace your complete or partial dentures entirely. Instead, call your local denturist as soon as you can and book yourself in for emergency denture repair service. At Future Smiles Denture Clinic, we understand the cost of maintaining dentures can be a heavy burden at times, which is why we're proud to provide flexible financing options for all our patients. 


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