What To Expect On Your First Visit To The Denture Clinic

What To Expect On Your First Visit To The Denture Clinic

So you need to get dentures. Lucky for you, denture technology has never been better and there are many highly trained denture professionals in Calgary. If it’s time for you to get dentures, you will need to schedule a preliminary consultation at a denture clinic where you will discuss what type of dentures you need as well as all of the nitty-gritty details that need to be covered. Even though getting dentures may seem like a big change in your life, it will greatly improve your eating, speaking, and smiling and will be a positive change. Here is what you can expect when you go for your first consultation at the denture clinic.


When You Go To The Denture Clinic, Expect To:

Answer And Ask Questions
Be prepared to answer questions regarding your oral health, your overall health, and your family health history. You will also be asked questions about your expectation for dentures and whether you are considering full dentures or denture implants. You will be able to address any concerns you have with the denturist and ask questions about how dentures might feel, how they might change aspects of your life, and how long they will last. Your consultation at the denture clinic is an opportunity for you to discuss with a professional and allow both of you to get the information you need so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your choice to get dentures.

Get A Brief Education About Dentures
Your denturist won’t just ask you what kind of denture you’re interested in, they will explain the different kinds offered. For example, if you need partial dentures, your denturist will explain the difference between regular and flexible dentures. This explanation will include the benefits of each kind of denture as well as a cost breakdown. The denturist will also explain what owning dentures involves, including how often you may need a denture reline or a denture rebase. Your denturist will also explain how to care for your dentures, although they may go into greater detail after your dentures have been created and fitted so you are not overwhelmed with information during your first denture clinic visit.

Receive A Preliminary Assessment
Before you can be approved for dentures, your denturist will need to assess your gum, jaw, and tooth health. Your gum and jaw health can potentially disqualify you from getting denture implants. The health of any remaining teeth will also need to be examined and it will be determined if you need any teeth removed, which can impact the type of denture you will need.

Discuss Finances
Different types of dentures come with different price tags. Your denturist will explain your options and give you a price breakdown for each. Dentures are an important investment and some denture clinics will offer services to assist with the cost, such as direct billing and denture financing. If you don’t have any medical insurance, speak with your denturist about other financing options.

Choose Dentures From Future Smiles Denture Clinic In Calgary 

When you are ready to get your first pair of dentures, work with a denturist who is committed to the service and education of their patients. At Future Smiles Denture Clinic in Calgary, our staff strives to deliver the highest level of service to our patients, offering an empathetic, honest, and professional manner to ensure you feel at ease. Before you receive your dentures, we will make sure your functional and aesthetic goals are understood and will be met. Once you receive your dentures, we will ensure they fit perfectly and that they continue to fit over time. If you get your dentures from Future Smiles Denture Clinic, you will receive 1 year of FREE repairs and adjustments with the purchase of a set of partial or complete dentures. To speak with the team at Future Smiles Denture Clinic in Calgary, you can visit the SW Calgary Denture clinic on Macleod or the NE Calgary location in Coral Springs. To book a free consultation with our Calgary Denturist, call 1-403-475-0016 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: I need dentures. Where do I start?
A: The best place to start when considering replacement teeth is visiting a qualified denturist. Contact Future Smiles Denture Clinic to set up a free consultation.

Q: Will I need to get teeth removed for dentures?
A: This varies depending on whether you are getting full dentures or partial dentures as well as the shape of your mouth, the health of your gums, and the state of existing teeth remaining. Your denturist will be able to confirm whether or not you need teeth removed after a thorough examination of your mouth.

Q: I’m looking for affordable denture solutions. What options do I have?
A: At Future Smiles Dentures Clinic, we know that Calgarians are looking for low-cost, stress-free denture payment plans. This is why we offer affordable denture solutions, including direct billing and financing.

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