What Are The Most Common Materials Used in Denture Fabrication?

What Are The Most Common Materials Used in Denture Fabrication?

If you are considering a tooth replacement option, or perhaps thinking about switching from removable dentures to a more permanent feeling denture implant, you may find yourself wondering and researching ‘what are dentures made of?’ This article will cover why you should opt for dentures, what they will be made from, and how to access different payment and insurance coverage options to ensure you get the most affordable dentures in Calgary. Ready for a healthy, natural-looking and feeling smile again? Read on for all the information you need to know...

Why Get Dentures?

It’s important to understand all of the benefits of getting dentures. Having a mouthful of teeth affects everything from how you feel to how you eat and speak. Here are some of the reasons a full or partial denture might be for you:

Dentures do wonders for your self confidence. Missing some, or all of your teeth can make it difficult to want to be social, or even smile at people as you are out running errands. Having natural looking tooth replacement options will help you feel like yourself again.

Denture implants help to reduce jaw bone loss and slow the look of aging in the face. Having implants in the jaw acts similarly to having natural teeth. Slowing down bone loss in the face will ensure you stay looking younger, longer.

Dentures make eating much easier. Although it may take some getting used to, eating with dentures is an important part of staying healthy. Having replacement teeth will ensure you enjoy your favourite foods again in no time.

What Will My Denturist in Calgary Make My Dentures From?

Acrylic: Acrylic dentures are one of the most popular materials for making dentures. They are incredibly comfortable, and are an easy material for your Calgary Denturist to make adjustments to.

Porcelain: Porcelain dentures look natural, are exceptionally strong, and offer incredible durability.

Metal: Another material option for dentures is metal which is great for simple and easy denture adjustments. Metal can be used in combination with resin to make a partial denture.

Access to Affordable Dentures in Calgary

Finding a denture clinic that offers a variety of materials, denture types, and options to pay for them is very important for a customized denture experience. At Future Smiles Denture Clinic, our team of professional denturists offers affordable denture options and can create any type of denture, in a variety of different materials to ensure the best and most comfortable fit for you.

In addition, we accept and offer a variety of ways for you to cover the cost of dentures such as:

  • Direct billing to a number of insurance companies
  • Flexible financing options
  • Alberta Adult Health Benefit

If you are ready to learn more, call our team at 403-475-0016 or fill out the contact form below to book your Calgary dentures consultation.


Q: Where can I get inexpensive dentures in Calgary?
A: Getting affordable dentures has never been easier. Future Smiles Denture Clinic has both a North location in Coral Springs and South on Macleod for convenient access. Fill out the contact form on this website to reach the admin team for more information.

Q: What are other names for dentures?
A: Dentures are also known as:

  • Denture appliances
  • Denture implants
  • Implant supported dentures
  • Teeth replacements
  • Dental prosthesis
  • False teeth

Q: How do I know what materials I should have my denture made from?
A: Different types of dentures offer different benefits to the person who wears them. Booking in with a Calgary Denturist who can help you weigh the pros and cons of your denture options is very important. Future Smiles Denture Clinic offers free consultations to help you find the best option for you. Call 1-403-475-0016 for more information.

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