Turn Up Comfort With Valplast Dentures

Valplast flexible dentures offer a high-quality, comfortable, and natural-looking alternative to traditional partial dentures. Learn more about the features of this innovative tooth replacement solution.

A partial denture is a removable and natural-looking tooth replacement option that helps restore the function of your jaw by replacing one or more missing teeth. Whether you opt for traditional partials, or flexible ones such as Valplast, this denture solution has many benefits, including:

  • Prevents bone loss
  • Improves speaking and chewing ability
  • Supports surrounding bone and facial structure for a more youthful appearance
  • Lowers your risk of any further tooth loss

Valplast Flexible Dentures in Calgary

At Future Smiles, we strive to take care of all your tooth replacement needs. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, we offer a wide range of denture solutions including full/partial dentures, Valplast flexible dentures, as well as implant-supported dentures, to meet all your oral health needs.

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Main Features of Valplast Flexible Dentures

Valplast flexible dentures are an innovative and natural-looking tooth replacement option for patients who can’t or don’t want to wear traditional partial dentures. To enhance patient comfort, they have been designed with the following features:

1. Metal Free

Valplast flexible partials are designed without the use of a metal frame and instead are fabricated from a strong, durable plastic that snaps securely and comfortably into place around your existing teeth. This makes them:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Biocompatible
  • Easier to clean

Valplast plastic is extremely durable, but also very thin, eliminating that heavy, bulky feeling that can make wearing traditional partials uncomfortable.



2. Flexible

The strong, flexible nature of Valplast is perfectly suited to the variety of conditions in the mouth. The material and design of the nylon resin allows it to act as a built-in stress-breaker, with no minor or major connectors that tend to:

  • Make speech more difficult
  • Collect food under the gums
  • Cause discomfort or hassle

The flexibility of the nylon and simplicity of design provides superior function and stress-distribution to a traditional partial denture.

3. Gum Colored Plastic

One of the biggest advantages of Valplast flexible partials is that they blend in very well with the natural appearance of your gums, making them virtually invisible. They are available in a clear, pink, and dark color and have almost a chameleon-like effect, picking up the characteristics of the underlying tissue.

In addition, the Valplast clasp will blend in with the surrounding gum tissue and virtually disappear, so all you will be wearing is a beautiful, perfect smile.

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Today, there are many tooth replacement options for people with missing teeth and Valplast is an excellent choice for patients who:

  • Have lost a group of teeth from the same area in the mouth
  • Are looking for a more affordable and less invasive treatment compared to implant-supported dentures
  • Are looking for a more natural and comfortable alternative to partial dentures
  • Have undergone dental implant surgery and are waiting for the tooth implants to fuse with the jaw bone

HOWEVER, flexible dentures have some limitations and CANNOT be used in place of complete dentures for patients with extensive periodontal disease.

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To find out if Valplast is the right solution for you, it’s important to book a consultation with our qualified Calgary denturist by calling (403) 475-0016 or filling in our online contact form.

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