Tips To Keep Your Full Dentures In Place

Tips To Keep Your Full Dentures In Place

When you first get full dentures, it will take some time to adjust to the feeling of them. You may need to speak slower and learn how to eat with your full dentures to make sure they don’t move around. It should only take a few weeks to get used to your full dentures. But sometimes, after you’ve had your full dentures for a while, they may feel like they are moving in your mouth or not properly suctioning into place. Sometimes full dentures can be pulled out of place by sticky foods, causing them to break the suction that keeps the top denture in place and causing the full denture to move around. Full dentures may also move around if the denture is not the right fit, either because the denture has changed shape or your mouth has. Here are some preventative measures to stop your full dentures from moving.

Tips To Help Keep Your Full Dentures In Place

Avoid Sticky Foods
While very hard foods can cause your denture teeth to crack, very sticky foods may pull your full dentures out of place. Gum, taffy, and other chewy candies are the most common offenders for pulling full dentures out of place and should be avoided.

Properly Care For Your Full Dentures And Mouth
Making sure you clean your full dentures and your mouth will help keep your gums healthy and reduce the risk of gum inflammation that can lead to poor denture fit. Caring for your gums includes brushing your gums, using mouthwash, and more to ensure the gums are healthy and plaque is scrubbed away. To learn more about how to care for your gums when you wear full dentures, read How To Take Care Of Your Gums If You Are A Denture Wearer. Caring for your full dentures includes washing them with the right products every night. To learn about proper denture care, read Caring For Your Dentures: A Step By Step Guide.

Keep Your Full Dentures Adequately Moistened
Dentures need to be in contact with some form of liquid at all times. If your full dentures are not in your mouth or being cleaned, they should be soaking in water. If your full dentures are not soaking while not in use, they can dry out and warp. This will change their fit and they will not grip the roof of your mouth as intended, leading to a poor fit.

Get Your Full Dentures Rebased Or Relined
When you wear full dentures, your mouth will naturally change shape over time. When there are no teeth embedded in your jaw, the jaw will shrink due to a lack of stimulation. This is called bone resorption, and it will cause your dentures to fit differently. To accommodate for this, you will have to get a denture reline by your denturist. If the change is severe or if the full dentures suffer a break or crack that changes the way they fit, you may need to get a denture rebase. A rebase is when the pink gum portion of the full dentures is replaced.

Keep Your Full Dentures In Place With Future Smiles Denture Clinic In Calgary

A good pair of full dentures that are properly fitted to your mouth from the beginning is a great way to start your denture experience and to make sure they stay comfortably in place. As you continue to wear your full dentures, regular adjustments and care will help keep your full dentures comfortable for many years. If you get your dentures from Future Smiles Denture Clinic in Calgary, you will receive 1 year of FREE repairs and adjustments with the purchase of a set of partial or full dentures, so your dentures can stay in place and comfortable. To speak with the team at Future Smiles Denture Clinic in Calgary, you can visit the SW Calgary Denture clinic on Macleod or the NE Calgary location in Coral Springs. To book a free consultation with our Calgary Denturist, call 1-403-475-0016 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: How do you know if your full dentures fit right?
A: The easiest way to know if your full dentures are fitting right is to see if there have been any changes since when you had them inserted by your denturist. A general rule of thumb for full dentures is that the top one should suction smoothly to the roof of your mouth while the bottom one should stay securely in your mouth against the bottom gums.

Q: Will I need to get teeth pulled for dentures?
A: This varies depending on whether you are getting full dentures or partial dentures as well as the shape of your mouth, the health of your gums, and the state of existing teeth remaining. Your denturist will be able to confirm whether or not you need teeth pulled after a thorough examination of your mouth.

Q: I’m looking for affordable denture solutions. What options do I have?
A: At Future Smiles Dentures Clinic, we know that Calgarians are looking for low-cost, stress-free denture payment plans. This is why we offer affordable denture solutions, including direct billing and financing.

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