The Top Benefits of Dental Implants and How They Work

Wondering how dental implants work and what the main benefits of getting one are? In this week's article, our Calgary denture clinic will walk you through the logistics of a dental implant and detail the top benefits these long-lasting and attractive tooth replacement options provide. 

When considering your tooth replacement options, dental implants are sure to come up in the conversation. Compared to partial dentures, a dental implant will set you back a bit more in terms of cost. But the long-term benefits they provide are pretty hard to match. Read on to find out why. 

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How Dental Implants Work

The dental implant process can be broken down into three steps: 

1. Initial consultation: Your denturist will take X-rays and impressions so models can be created for the replacement tooth and the spot it is soon to occupy. 

2. Tooth implants: Over the course of two surgeries, your tooth implants (which is what will house your artificial teeth) will be placed and allowed time to fuse with your jawbone, which usually takes about 3-6 months. Once your second surgery is completed, your Calgary denture clinic will place abutments on your implants. Another impression will then be made so a denture framework and artificial teeth can be expertly made.  

3. Insertion: The abutments will have a metal bar placed across them and you will be able to try your artificial teeth for the first time. If everything is fitting and functioning the way you desire, the artificial teeth will then be permanently secured into place. Your denturist will walk you through how to care for your new dental implants and schedule any follow-up appointments that may be necessary. 


Top Benefits of Dental Implants

Getting a tooth implant or dental implant provides numerous benefits, especially when compared to partial dentures. While their cost and the amount of time they take to be fully installed may seem to be prohibitive, in the long run the following benefits will strongly outweigh those two considerations: 

Low maintenance

Dental implants function just like your remaining natural teeth. They don't require any additional maintenance other than what you normally do for your teeth, namely brushing them twice a day and flossing regularly. 

No eating restrictions

Because dental implants act and look just like your natural teeth, there's no need to restrict the types of food you eat while having them installed. You can enjoy your favourite foods for years to come, never having to miss out on them. 

Very aesthetically appealing

Dental implants are designed to mimic natural teeth down to the tiniest details. Because of this, and the way they're connected into your jawbone, they look extremely natural and attractive. 


If you opt for dental implants, you can expect to have your replacement tooth for nearly three decades. Compare this to partial dentures, which usually need to be replaced every five or so years, and it's easy to see why the short-term cost and time commitment is truly worth it. 


Given the above benefits, it's easy to see why dental implants in Calgary have begun to become extremely popular amongst those searching for long-lasting and attractive tooth replacement options. With their low maintenance and unparalleled performance, dental implants are certainly worth the extra money and time it takes to install them. 

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