The Pros & Cons of Replacing Your Teeth With Full Dentures

Are you missing one or more of your natural teeth? Here are the pros and cons of choosing to replace them with traditional full dentures. 

Tooth loss can happen for a number of reasons, including age, injury, or periodontal disease. Whatever the cause, missing teeth can have serious social, psychological, and emotional consequences which may impact your quality of life and self-confidence.

If left untreated, tooth loss can also:

  • cause bone loss
  • lead to speech difficulties
  • make it hard to follow a balanced and nutritious diet
  • lead to facial changes that make you appear older


Quality Tooth Replacement Solutions at our Calgary Denture Clinic

At Future Smiles, a leading denture clinic in Calgary, we offer a wide range of affordable and quality denture solutions including traditional full dentures, flexible parties, and denture implants, to help restore the beauty and function to your smile.

Want to know more about tooth replacement at our Calgary denture clinic?

Traditional Full/Partial Dentures Flexible Partials Denture Implants


The Pros & Cons of Full Dentures

Traditional full dentures have been a popular treatment for tooth loss for many years, but with the newer solutions such as flexible partials and dental implants available, you may be wondering if full dentures are the right option for you.

To help you make the best decision for your oral health, here is a guide to the advantages and disadvantages of full dentures:


  • It’s an easy and affordable way to replace all of your missing teeth.
  • It reduces the chances of you developing jaw problems such as TMJ or changes in your bite.
  • Full dentures ensure you receive adequate nutrition and provide you with the ability to eat a wider range of food than you would be able to with few or no natural teeth.
  • They’re less expensive than most of the newer options available.
  • Advancements in denture technology mean that full dentures are much more comfortable and natural looking.
  • There are very few restrictions involved with the treatment process, making this a great option for patients of all ages.
  • No surgical procedures are required during the treatment.


  • Dentures require daily cleaning, otherwise, they can increase your risk of developing gum disease or other oral infections.
  • A full upper denture may cover your palate and reduce your sense of taste.
  • Dentures typically need to be relined or replaced regularly (the lifespan of full dentures is 5-7 years)
  • An adjustment period is required and first-time dentures may find it difficult to eat and speak properly in the beginning.
  • Because dentures aren’t anchored to the jaw, there’s considerable risk of jaw bone atrophy once all your natural teeth are removed.


Book a Consultation At Your Local Denture Clinic

Scheduling a consultation with your local denturist will give you a good opportunity to explore whether or not full dentures are the right tooth replacement for you.

Your denturist will:

  • help you learn more about dentures
  • discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this procedure
  • assess your oral health, age, and lifestyle, to determine if you’re a good candidate for dentures
  • discuss the prices associated with the different types of tooth replacement options.

If you aren’t a good candidate for traditional full dentures, your denturist will be able to provide you with information on other denture solutions that will help you replace any missing or damaged teeth.

Denture Consultation: What To Expect


Want to know if dentures are right for you?

To learn more about your tooth replacement options, contact our Calgary denture clinic today at (403) 475-0016 or book a consultation.

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