The Importance Of Wearing Your Dentures

The Importance Of Wearing Your Dentures

The main purpose of dentures is to replace your natural teeth to help you speak and chew with ease while maintaining a full and lovely smile. Although your dentures should be taken out at night and you may want to take them out once or twice during the day to let your gums recover, for the most part you should wear your dentures regularly. Although it might seem like you don’t need them in while you’re in the comfort of your own home, there are several benefits to wearing your dentures for most of the day.

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Reasons To Wear Your Dentures

Denture Fit
Your dentures will gradually fit differently over time. If you’re not wearing your dentures often, you won’t be very used to how they feel in your mouth and you will have a hard time determining when to visit your dentures about denture fit. An improper denture fit that isn’t corrected can lead to uneven bite force, which can cause jaw pain and damage to the gums or jaw. If you wear partial dentures, wearing your dentures regularly is even more important. Since people who use partial dentures still have some natural teeth remaining, the dentures help to keep these teeth in place. If you don’t wear your dentures, your natural teeth can shift position, which can make it painful or even impossible to wear your dentures.

Jaw Health
When a person no longer has their natural teeth, their jawbone will begin to shrink in a process called resorption. When the jawbone doesn’t receive stimulation from chewing, resorption can happen quickly. Although dentures do not fully stimulate the jaw (unless a person has denture implants) due to the lack of a tooth root, wearing dentures still offers some jaw stimulation that helps to slow resorption compared to not wearing them often.

Keeping Dentures Safe
When you’re not wearing your dentures, they need to be in a safe place and soaking in water. If they are not in your mouth or in water, they can dry out and become warped, which will alter denture fit. When not wearing your dentures, you should always know where your dentures are so there is no risk of losing them or having them become accidentally damaged. If you get in the habit of not wearing your dentures and you take them out casually without taking the steps for proper care, the risk of denture damage greatly increases.

Perform Daily Functions
Many people wear dentures to make their daily life easier. Even if you have no natural teeth remaining, dentures allow you to speak, smile, and eat with comfort. Dentures also help to fill out your cheeks and create a natural face shape so that you can avoid the look of sallow cheeks. If you don’t wear your dentures often, you are missing out on these benefits. You may be rushing to put your dentures in if you get a phone call or a knock on the door and you will need to put your dentures in if you want to grab a snack. Wearing your dentures regularly can make your daily life more convenient.

Dentures In Calgary

If you don’t wear your dentures often because they are uncomfortable, they may need to be adjusted. Starting with great quality dentures that are made to fit your mouth perfectly can make the denture wearing experience easy and comfortable, and regular denture relines and adjustments can ensure continued optimal fit. Future Smiles Denture Clinic can create custom dentures for you or can alter your current dentures. To speak with the team at Future Smiles Denture Clinic in Calgary, you can visit the SW Calgary Denture clinic on Macleod or the NE Calgary location in Coral Springs. To book a free consultation with our Calgary Denturist, call 1-403-475-0016 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: I need dentures. Where do I start?
A: The best place to start when considering replacement teeth is visiting a qualified denturist. Contact Future Smiles Denture Clinic to set up a free consultation.

Q: How can I help keep my dentures comfortable?
A: Dentures will need relines over time as the shape of your jaw changes, but there are some ways you can keep your dentures as comfortable as possible. Make sure you clean your dentures and gums every night, take your dentures out at night to let your gums recuperate, and keep your dentures in water when they are not in use, for a start. Read Caring For Your Dentures: A Step By Step Guide to learn more about denture care.

Q: I’m looking for affordable denture solutions. What options do I have?
A: At Future Smiles Dentures Clinic, we know that Calgarians are looking for low-cost, stress-free denture payment plans. This is why we offer affordable denture solutions, including direct billing and financing.

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