Snap-in Dentures: Benefits And Drawbacks

If you have removable dentures, chances are you have experienced some inconveniences associated with them. These difficulties are commonly due to your dentures not being secure enough to handle day-to-day activities like eating and speaking. What if you could get dentures that feel natural and more permanent? Snap-in dentures are a semi-permanent dental replacement solution that attaches a denture to a dental implant. This provides increased stability. This article will provide you with all of the essential information you need to understand what snap-in dentures are as well as their benefits and drawbacks.



Snap-In Dentures Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

As our bones and teeth decay, the need for dentures becomes a prevalent need for many people. If you have experienced consistent challenges with your removable dentures, consider snap-in dentures. They are more secure in your mouth, providing benefits that can improve your quality of life. 

What Are Snap-In Dentures?

Snap-in dentures are specially designed teeth replacements that can snap into dental implants, providing further stability in the mouth compared to removable dentures. To prepare for snap-in dentures, you must first receive dental implants. This requires an oral surgery where the doctor will go beneath the gum to insert a series of fixtures into the jaw bone. The fixture will hold a post that will stick out above the gum. Once you are fully healed from the surgery, you will be able to attach your snap-in dentures to the protruding posts, stabilizing your teeth for an improved denture experience. Snap-in dentures have benefits and drawbacks.  Here are some considerations:


The primary benefit associated with snap-in dentures is that they are securely placed in your mouth. The added stability of snap-in dentures provides a variety of benefits in itself such as: 

  • Eating: Eating with snap-in dentures is easier, as you do not have to worry about different foods sticking to the dentures and causing them to detach. They will also limit the risk of large food particles getting stuck beneath the dentures. 
  • Speech Clarity: Increased clarity while speaking and a lack of irritation. With removable dentures, mouth sores can develop due to the dentures shifting and rubbing against different areas of your mouth. This persistent friction may also lead to bone loss. Since you will no longer have to worry about your dentures moving throughout the day, you will no longer require the use of denture cream or adhesives. 
  • Natural Look: Snap-in dentures are attached right against the gum, making them look quite similar to natural teeth. Their positioning in the mouth also adds structure to your appearance by adding support to the shape of your jaw, lips, and cheeks. 


While there are several benefits to snap-in dentures, there are a few disadvantages that you should consider:

  • Surgery:  Snap-in dentures require dental implants to attach to, which requires oral surgery. Like all surgical procedures, this poses a risk for infections. If bacteria get into the implant area it may cause peri-implantitis, which can lead to bone loss. As your gums heal, there is also potential for them to develop an infection. To avoid these possibilities, ensure you follow your aftercare instructions diligently and keep your wounds as clean as possible. 
  • Time:  Another drawback of snap-in dentures and the time it takes to receive dental implants. For your implants to properly heal and fuse with the jaw, it will take approximately 6 months if there are no complications. 

Although snap-in dentures are viewed as a more sustainable solution to a dental replacement, the snaps may loosen and require ongoing maintenance.

Consider Your Options​

Snap-in dentures will provide you benefits that include:

  • Ease of eating
  • Improved speech
  • Lack of irritation
  • Bone preservation
  • No need for denture cream or adhesives
  • Added structure to facial features

While comparing these benefits with the associated drawbacks and potential risks, consider consulting our team of Denturists at our convenience SW and NE Calgary locations.  We will be able to answer your questions regarding denture and implant options and help you choose the best solution for you.


How do I clean my snap-in dentures?

To clean your dentures, you can simply snap them off of their attachment posts and gently brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild liquid soap or gentle denture and gum paste. 

How many implants do I need to securely snap in my dentures?

This will vary from patient to patient. Typically, 2-4 implants per denture can provide a secure hold.  

How long do snap-in dentures last?

Snapping your dentures in and out of your mouth will wear them down over time and eventually require a replacement. This generally occurs every 12 to 18 months.


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