Need to Rebase Your Dentures? Here’s What To Expect

As soon as you start wearing dentures, the height of your gums can start to recede. Over time, the composition of your bone ridges can change so dramatically that you may need a denture repair service to readjust your dentures. After around 5-6 years, denture rebasing will likely be required, where the acrylic base of your dentures is replaced to better fit your gums. Learn more about denture rebasing and what you can expect as a patient. 


Denture Rebasing at Future Smiles Denture Clinic

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Having dentures that don’t fit can result in issues with both self-image and quality of life.  Denture rebasing services are available to mitigate discomfort by replacing the base of your dentures with a new base that better fits your gum line. 

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Denture Repair: How A Dentist Can Rebase Your Dentures 

After years of wear, dentures will require repair and maintenance. When your dentures are uncomfortable or don’t fit like they used to, it could be because the gum line has receded past where it was when you first got your dentures measured. In this case, you’ll need a denture rebase. With rebasing, the base of the dentures is replaced with new acrylic material. Here is a summary of the major steps required to replace the base of your dentures:

Create a Cast

The procedure begins with the denturist capturing an impression of your current dentures. A patient will bite down on either a semi-rigid material that captures the exact spacing and positioning of the teeth in your mouth. When rebasing your dentures, they will be molded to fit with this initial impression. This is a step that is common to many dental procedures so it should be quick and painless. With an impression of your mouth, your dentist will create a cast for your new dentures. 

Measure and Replace

From this point and onwards, the denture rebasing will continue behind the scenes at the clinic or laboratory where patients are normally not present. 

Now, your denturist will make an incisal and occlusal index of the position of the teeth. These measurements are important to ensure that the plastic artificial teeth are repositioned in the exact same orientation on the new acrylic base. Then, the teeth from your previous set of dentures are carefully held in place in the cast with sticky denture repair glue, following the measured index. 

Processing and Retrofitting  

After taking an impression and indexing the proper measurements, the new dentures are ready for flasking and processing. Here, all residue denture repair glue (wax) is removed and the cast can form the sectional mold to be used in the new acrylic base. Finally, the denturist will confirm the alignment of the sectional mold by mounting the dentures on an articulator. The articulator is a replica model of the mouth and jaw which serves as the last verification of positioning and fit before the dentures are ready for the patient.  

The entire procedure occurs quickly over the span of a few days. After the rebasing procedure is complete, your new set of dentures will fit more comfortably in your mouth because the rebased dentures will now sit securely on the ridge of your jaws and gums. 


Dentures Fit More Comfortably After A Denture Rebasing 

Denture Rebasing is usually required after wearing the same set of dentures for about 5 years. After that, the bone ridges of your gum will have receded enough to create discomfort or misalignment in your set of dentures. A denture rebasing replaces the base of your dentures with a new base that fits pleasantly on top of your gums. 

At Future Smiles Denture Clinic, we offer a variety of specialized denture solutions and services including denture rebases, repairs, and relinings. We are dedicated to ensuring our patients have a long-lasting, healthy, and beautiful smile. 

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Q: How long is the procedure for denture rebasing? 

A: The procedure almost always requires a few days to set the impression, pour the mold, and replace the base. In the meanwhile, patients should expect to not wear their dentures for 2 days while the rebasing takes place. 

Q: How often should I seek denture rebasing service?

A: The exact duration varies per patient and depends on how rapidly the gums are receding or changing shape. For patients that grind their teeth at night, or wear their dentures while they sleep, the gum receding may be accelerated therefore should seek a denture rebasing after wearing for around 3-4 years. On average, patients should seek denture rebasing after wearing their dentures for 5 years. 

Q: Can I adjust my dentures at home? 

A: There are various do-it-yourself videos available online as well as multiple video tutorials on how to make simple adjustments to your dentures. These videos fail to appreciate the technical skill and precision required to adjust any dentures. Avoid trying to adjust a set of dentures by yourself.

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