Life After Tooth Loss: How Denture Implants Can Restore Your Quality of LIfe

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Are you tired of the constant denture repairs and mouth sores associated with traditional tooth replacement solutions? Here’s how implant supported dentures can change your life. 

While it’s true that implant supported dentures come with higher short term costs and can be a significant investment, it cannot be denied that the benefits of this innovative tooth replacement solution can be revolutionary. 

Patients who opt for denture implants will enjoy: 

  • Greater speaking and chewing ability 
  • A more youthful look 
  • A denture solution that feels and looks more natural 
  • Long lasting results (dental implants can last for a lifetime if taken care of properly) 
  • Lower long term costs 

In fact, patients experiencing major tooth loss often face tough challenges in their daily routine and this makes quality denture implants a life-changing solution. 

Affordable and Quality Implant Supported Dentures in Calgary 

At Future Smiles, we are dedicated to enhancing our patients’ oral health and quality of life. We offer a wide range of tooth replacement solutions, from traditional dentures to flexible partials and denture implants, to suit all your lifestyle needs and budget. 

In addition, we offer flexible payment plans and house calls to make your denture care as convenient as possible. 

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5 Challenges of Tooth Loss & How Denture Implants Can Help 

Life can be very difficult if you are missing one or more teeth and this includes challenges that span everyday life, from talking and eating to your general health. Some of the main challenges patients with tooth loss experience include: 

1. Trouble eating. If patients are missing several teeth, it can be difficult for them to chew and digest solid foods. This means that over time, patients are unable to get the nutrition they require, leading to poor health and a higher risk of disease. 

2. Difficulty speaking. Teeth are a vital component of speech and patients who suffer from tooth loss may find it difficult to pronounce certain words clearly. In addition, if you have dentures that don’t fit well, you could also face the problem of your replacement teeth slipping out every time you try to speak. 

3. Loss of facial definition. Teeth help give your face a defined shape and tone. If a patient is missing many teeth, then it can cause the jawline to soften, which not only compromises the function of the jaw but makes patients look older. 

4. Loss of jaw bone density. Once your teeth are lost, they can no longer serve as placeholders to maintain the right bone density in your jaw. This means that because of tooth loss, your jaw bone density will deteriorate, creating more issues with bone health in the future.


5. Loss of self-confidence. Because of all these challenges, patients with tooth loss may find that they experience a loss of self-confidence. This is one of the most serious long term impacts of tooth loss, making effective tooth replacement solutions vital to a patient’s overall quality of life. 



Enhance Your Quality of Life With Denture Implants 

Tooth loss can present a number of problems, but this doesn’t have to impact your quality of life! Implant supported dentures are an effective solution that helps restore your oral health and self-confidence. 

In fact, denture implants can help: 

  • You return to normal activities such as eating, talking, and smiling 
  • Replace your missing teeth with a natural looking alternative 
  • Give you a durable and long-lasting tooth replacement solution that requires very little maintenance 
  • Support bone health by playing the role of a natural tooth and root in the jaw 
  • Provide more secure denture placement


Restore Your Beautiful Smile and Quality of Life With Denture Implants 

If you are struggling with the many challenges of tooth loss, there is no need to continue to suffer. Implant supported dentures are a long lasting and natural looking solution that will make a significant improvement to your quality of life. 

To find out more about the costs and benefits of our tooth replacement solutions, visit one of our two branches located in North Calgary (23 Coral Springs Blvd NE) or South Calgary (7015 Macleod Trail SW, Unit 113).

Alternatively, you can contact our team at (403) 475-0016 or fill in our online contact form.

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Vlad Dumbrava

Vlad Dumbrava has been active in the field of denture therapy since 2008. Upon receiving his denturist degree in 2011 from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, he continued his education in Medical Sciences at Western University.

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