How to Take Care of Your Dental Implant At Home

Have you recently received a dental implant from your dentist or denturist and are unsure of how to properly take care of this new hardware residing in your mouth? Lucky for you we've got all the info you need to help make sure your dental implant remains intact and functioning the way it should. 

I've just received my dental implant from my dentist or denture clinic near me and I'm thrilled with the way my smile now looks. But in all my excitement I forgot to listen closely to how I'm supposed to care for this new piece of me. Well, if you've got dental implants Calgary, we've got the guide you need to make sure they stay healthy — whether it's a single implant, a number of single implants, a permanently attached dental bridge, or a snap on. 

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Single or Multiple Single Dental Implants

These are the easiest type of dental implants to take care of since they require the exact same type of care your natural teeth do. Just treat them like your other teeth and they'll be good to go. This means:

  • Brushing them at least twice a day
  • Flossing regularly
  • Attending bi-annual dental hygiene appointments

One of the biggest things people with single or multiple single dental implants need to be on the lookout for is peri-implantitis. This inflammatory disease results in the loss of jaw bone around where the dental implant is located, and is most prevalent in those who smoke or don't practice good oral hygiene care. If this disease is not treated right away, it can result in a total failure of the implant and a whole lot of wasted money.



Permanently Attached Dental Bridge

These require a bit more care and effort to maintain since they're permanently attached to your dental implants and can't be removed. One of the biggest allies in your quest to keep this type of implant clean and cared for will be a water pick (also known as an oral irrigator). It's also important to get a water pick that you can adjust the flow of. Care guidelines for this type of implant are as follows:

  • Using your new oral irrigator aka water pick, position it where your gums and permanently attached dental bridge meet and maneuver it from where your cheek is towards your tongue. Your aim here is to safely remove as much debris as you can from underneath the dental bridge as possible. 
  • Brush the permanently attached dental bridge like you would your natural teeth but do not use toothpaste if your implant is made of acrylic titanium. Regular toothpaste can scratch this surface. Instead, dip your toothbrush into mouthwash and then brush the implants as normal. If your implant is made of porcelain or zirconia you can use normal over-the-counter toothpaste to clean it.
  • Use a specially designed dental floss such as Superfloss from Oral B. This type of dental floss is easier to get through your permanently attached dental bridge than regular dental floss and is designed for people who have bridges, braces, or wide gaps in their teeth. It's wider design allows for greater surface area coverage, whereas regular dental floss may slip right through.
  • See a dental hygienist once every six months.

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Snap On Dental Implants

These type of dental implants require the snaps to be changed every six to nine months and the implants themselves need to be cleaned at least once a year. Other things to consider while caring for these dental implants Calgary include:

  • Removing them at night to allow your gum and mouth tissue to have a break
  • Brushing the posts that stick out through your gums and attach to the implants with toothpaste
  • Removing your dentures and brushing them with warm water before going to bed every night, including the crevices where they snap back on 
  • Seeing a dental hygienist for regular cleaning once every six months

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