How to Properly Care for Your Dentures

Have you recently gotten dentures but don't know how to properly care for them? Well you're in luck because our Calgary denture clinic has the perfect guide for you. 

Properly caring for your dentures will ensure they work as intended and remain intact as long as possible. Whether you have complete dentures or partial dentures, having a proper care guide can make all the difference when it comes to keeping them in tip-top shape. 

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How to properly care for your dentures

There are a number of things you can do to make sure your dentures remain in good working condition. Neglecting any of these universal care tips could lead to discomfort, pain, or broken dentures, which could potentially cost you a lot of money to repair or replace. So make sure you do your best to heed this advice!

Take your dentures out and rinse them after eating

It's important that you remove your dentures and rinse them out after eating. While this may seem like a bit of a chore, rinsing your dentures after eating will help remove food particles and other debris that may have gotten stuck in there during your meal. 

Always handle your dentures with care

After removing your dentures to clean them, be sure to be mindful of how you're handling them. You'll want to be as gentle as possible, taking extra precaution when handling the plastic or clasps so as not to bend or deform them. 

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Be sure to brush your dentures at least once a day

Like natural teeth, dentures require consistent cleaning in order to stay in good working condition. You'll want to brush them a little more gently than you would natural teeth, using a soft-bristled toothbrush if possible. Doing so will remove any food particles or plaque that may have accumulated over the day. 

Lay a towel down or fill your sink with water before removing your dentures

By laying a towel down or filling your sink with water before you remove your dentures, you'll provide a softer landing spot for them should they happen to slip out of your fingers. This can help you avoid cracking or chipping your dentures if they're dropped during removal. 

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Soak your dentures before going to bed

The majority of dentures nowadays require moisture to make sure their shape remains intact. Before going to bed, be sure to place your dentures in water or a mild solution specifically designed for dentures. Always check with your denturist before using any type of solution to soak your dentures, and always adhere to any instructions or recommendations the solution comes with. 

See your denturist or dentist regularly

One of the best ways to properly care for your dentures is to regularly see your denturist or dentist. They can spot any problems before they become major issues, and will ensure your dentures are fitting and functioning properly. 

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