How to Care For Your Replacement Teeth

Looking after your replacement teeth is just as important as looking after your natural ones. Whether you have tooth implants or partial dentures, here are some tips on how to maintain good oral health. 

Proper dental care is important for both the health of your mouth and natural teeth, as well as the longevity of your full/partial denture or denture implants.

Failing to follow the correct dental care while wearing dentures can lead to many problems including:

  • Further tooth loss
  • Plaque buildup and gum disease
  • Costly denture repairs
  • Serious health concerns including higher risk of stroke and lung disease

At Future Smiles, we offer a wide range of denture solutions and services, including denture repairs and relines, as well as flexible financing options, to help protect the wellbeing of your mouth and body.


How to Look After Your Traditional Complete/Partial Dentures

Just like natural teeth, it’s very important to brush your dentures to keep your breath fresh, avoid the spread of bacteria and keep your gums healthy. You must remember to:

  • Rinse your complete/partial dentures after every meal
  • Use a soft denture brush and water to brush all surfaces of your replacement teeth TWICE A DAY. This removes any food particles and plaque and prevents your dentures from staining.
  • AVOID conventional toothpaste on your dentures. Talk to your denturist about a denture cleaner.

Complete/Partial Denture Care

Dentures are a significant investment in your oral health. To protect them, it’s important that you handle your replacement teeth with the utmost care. Follow these tips to ensure the good condition and longevity of your dentures:

Handle With Care

Whenever you are removing or cleaning your dentures, do so over a sink and cover it with a folded towel or fill it with water. This will prevent any damage to your replacement teeth in case of an accidental fall.

Keep Your Dentures Moist

When you’re aren’t using your full/partial dentures, soak them in cool water or denture cleaning solution to keep them from drying out.

** DO NOT use hot water as this can warp your dentures **

Think of Them as Real Teeth

Just as you would brush your natural teeth twice a day, make sure to brush your dentures twice a day as well. Use a soft bristle brush & cool water.

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Soak Them Every Night

It’s important to give your mouth a break from the dentures. Every night, soak them as this will keep them moist and allow your gum tissue to rest.

Visit Your Denturist Regularly

Regular checkups are necessary for denture-wearers. This will give your denturist a chance to check that your dentures are fitting correctly and provide a thorough cleaning.


How to Look After Your Implant Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are an innovative and advanced tooth replacement solution which uses tooth implants to hold a denture in place in order to increase its function and comfort.


While these tooth implants are designed to last a lifetime, the long-term success of them depends on your commitment to daily oral hygiene in order to keep the denture clean and free of dental plaque.

Here are three simple steps to follow to take care of your tooth implants:

1. Brush

You should clean your implants as you would your natural teeth: at least once in the morning and once before going to bed. It’s important to rinse your mouth after every meal because the longer you leave food to collect on your dentures, the harder they will be to clean.

2. Floss

Daily flossing is very important to keep your denture implants clean. There are a variety of flosses available and your denturist can suggest which type of floss is right for you.

3. Rinse

Make sure to rinse your mouth twice daily with a mouthwash such as Listerine or Crest Pro-Health. However, remember - this is NOT A REPLACEMENT for brushing or flossing. It will simply freshen your breath and remove any germs around your tooth implants that are hard to reach.

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