How Your Denturist May Reline Your Dentures

How Your Denturist May Reline Your Dentures

Getting dentures is an ideal way to replace some, or all of your teeth, regain the ability to chew more easily and restore your smile and confidence. But, as with everything in life, these long-lasting teeth replacements may become loose, not feel as comfortable as they used to, or just not fit as securely as before. When this happens your denturist can provide you with a denture reline to refit your dentures. Here is everything you need to know about this type of denture repair.

Two Types of Denture Relines

There are two types of denture relines that you can receive at a dental clinic. During the procedure your denturist will measure your mouth to ensure your dentures are centered for a balanced smile and bite. From there, they can determine what type of reline will help your dentures to feel like new again. Here are the two types of denture relines:

Hard Denture Reline: This type of reline is meant to help improve the way your dentures fit in your mouth. By removing some of the plastic and creating a new mould for your mouth, the existing denture can be remade to fit your existing jaw and mouth shape often the same day. This type of denture repair will help relieve pressure, sore spots, and any discomfort caused by friction as your gums and jawbone change shape. Your jawbone may change shape or shrink over time. This is a natural and common process that occurs with aging and after having your teeth removed.

Soft Denture Reline: A soft reline is a type of repair that relieves discomfort due to tender and sensitive gums. A softer, more pliable material will reline denture, adding cushioning that helps increase overall comfort for the patient. A soft reline is generally considered the most effective reline, but it does require more frequent adjustments.

Maximize The Lifespan of Your Dentures

If your dentures are in good condition and they still fit well overall, a hard or soft denture reline might be a good option for you. As part of your general oral health, yearly examinations with your denturist are recommended. Repairs and relines are an important aspect of ensuring your dentures last and your smile remains healthy and comfortable.

Future Smiles is your professional, and experienced Calgary denture clinic, providing denture repair services for their clients in two convenient locations: Coral Springs NE and Macleod SW (close to Chinook Centre). Reach out to their administrative team to book your denture reline appointment today by filling out the website form, or by calling 403-475-0016.


Q: How often should I get a denture reline?
A: After getting new dentures, you can expect to get either a hard or soft denture reline every 1-2 years. Anytime your dentures feel loose, uncomfortable, or are causing sore spots, it is time to see your denturist for a reline.

Q: What are the types of denture repairs?
A: When your dentures crack, chip, break, are causing discomfort or bad breath, there are a number of ways your Calgary denturist can repair them such as:

  • Emergency denture repair services
  • Denture rebase
  • Denture reline
  • Bite adjustment
  • Same day denture repairs

Q: Where to get a denture repair in Calgary?
A: Future Smiles denture clinic offers same day denture repair and emergency denture repair in two locations for your convenience:

  1. SW Calgary Denture Clinic on Macleod (close to Chinook Centre)
  2. NE Calgary Denture Clinic in Coral Springs

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