How Same Day Dentures Can Get You Back to Living Your Life Right Away

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Are you looking for the most convenient way to get your remaining natural teeth extracted and receive dentures? Then immediate or same-day dentures are the perfect option for you. 

Immediate or same-day dentures are a revolutionary tooth loss replacement option for those who want to minimize the disruption getting dentures can cause to their life. Those who opt for this procedure can expect the following benefits:

  • The ability to eat, talk, and smile right away
  • Added protection for your gums and tissue following the extraction
  • An accurate replication of your natural teeth
  • Never having to go out in public without any teeth

At our Calgary denture clinic, we can coordinate with the surgical centre you're having your teeth extracted at so your immediate or same-day dentures are ready for you the moment your surgery is complete.

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How Same-Day Dentures Can Get You Back to Living Your Life Right Away

If you're worried about having to wait between having your remaining natural teeth removed before you receive your complete or full dentures, then immediate or same-day dentures could be the perfect solution for you. These dentures are crafted in advance of your surgical tooth extraction appointment and will be ready for you right after your surgery is finished.

Getting immediate or same-day dentures will allow you to avoid:

  • The tendency for your cheeks to fall in which can occur when there's a large gap between extraction and receiving your dentures
  • Having to relearn speech patterns 
  • Not being able to chew or eat your favourite foods until you receive your dentures after extraction
  • The development of oral habits which could make learning to use your dentures more difficult

By choosing this convenient and efficient form of dentures, you'll be able to return to living your life the way you were before in the least amount of time and with minimal disruption.

Need same-day denture repairs in Calgary? Future Smiles Denture Clinic has you covered. Our emergency denture repair service will allow you to not miss a beat and get back to eating, talking, and smiling right away. 


Are There Patients Who Are Not Good Candidates for Same-Day Dentures?

While most patients will fall under the category of ideal candidates for immediate or same-day dentures, there are some people for whom this procedure is not recommended. This includes:

  • Those who are of an advanced older age
  • Those who have poor overall health or health complications
  • Those currently receiving radiation therapy
  • Those who have poor or compromised mental health

Given the complex nature of the procedure and surgical aspect, those who find themselves meeting any of the above criteria are generally recommended against receiving immediate or same-day dentures. If you are unsure if this procedure is for you, ask your denturist or dentist, and they will be able to best advise you.

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If you need affordable dentures in Calgary or would like more information about same-day dentures, Future Smiles Denture Clinic has you covered. Just get in touch with our helpful denture team by calling 403-475-0016 or by booking a FREE consultation or by visiting our Coral Springs NE or Macleod SW Calgary clinics. We'd love to help get you smiling again!

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Vlad Dumbrava

Vlad Dumbrava has been active in the field of denture therapy since 2008. Upon receiving his denturist degree in 2011 from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, he continued his education in Medical Sciences at Western University.

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