How Denture Implants Reduce Jaw Bone Loss

How Denture Implants Reduce Jaw Bone Loss

If you are thinking about getting dentures it’s most likely for obvious reasons like getting your smile and your bite back. But, did you know that implant-supported dentures actually provide substantial additional health and aesthetic benefit that you may not have considered?

If you have missing teeth, you are at an increased risk of developing issues due to jaw bone loss. And while it’s exciting to get a strong bite and beautiful smile back, maintaining a youthful look, oral health, and jaw structure is incredibly important also. Here’s how it works…

Denture Implants are without a doubt the best way to avoid common bone loss in the jaw and face. Most people don’t realize it, but once a tooth is removed or it falls out on it’s own, you will lose approximately 25% of the shape and capacity of the jaw bone in the first year alone. Over time, this will continue, causing a ripple decline effect in the look and feel of your lower face. Without denture implants, a jawbone that has no teeth in it will:

  • Experience a great reduction in bite strength.
  • Show more pronounced jowls and wrinkles around the lower face.
  • Have a decreased structure to the face- specifically sunken lips and cheeks.
  • Increase the look of aging in the face.

Having denture implants allows you to significantly reduce bone loss in the jaw. Here are five reasons why your denturist may recommend them as the best option to maintain your jaw bone health:

  1. Getting implant-supported dentures as soon as there is significant tooth disease, decay, or tooth loss due to injury will avoid a significant bone loss to the area.
  2. Implant-supported dentures keep your bone from reabsorbing itself after tooth removal, or loss.
  3. Denture implants give the jaw purpose and strength- keeping it strong through it’s bite force.
  4. Dentures implants in the jaw will essentially bond with the bone, growing around the implant, acting much like the root of a tooth would. This bonding gives the bone strength after tooth loss.
  5. Because your bone will not be shrinking and changing shape, your dentures should last longer, and feel more comfortable for years to come.

 Look Younger and Feel Better with Denture Implants

If you are looking for affordable dentures that will not only have you looking and feeling great, but also simultaneously maintaining excellent bone health and structure, then Future Smiles Denture Clinic has what you have been looking for. At Future Smiles, hundreds of happy patients have walked out the door after being successfully fitted with denture supported implants to restore their smile and their youthful facial profile. If you want to know more about denture implants and if they could work for you, call 403-475-0016 to come in for a free consultation in NE, Coral Springs or SW, on Macleod in Calgary.


Q: How does jaw bone loss happen?
A: When you lose a tooth to disease or an accident and do not replace it, your body will do what's known as ‘reabsorbing’ itself. What that means is when there is no tooth root embedded into the bone, your bone density and shape will change over time to make up for what isn’t there anymore.

Q: How can I avoid bone loss after tooth extraction?
A: If your Calgary Denturist removes one or multiple teeth they will recommend implant supported dentures to avoid bone loss. The implant will fuse with your jaw bone, allowing it to maintain its structure and shape.

Q: Will dentures make me look older?
A: For most patients, dentures actually help turn back the hands of time, creating a more youthful appearance. But, what can happen with removable dentures is that your jawbone will reabsorb itself without having teeth to maintain its shape. This causes problems with ill fitting dentures that need to be adjusted and refitted, and also can prematurely age you due to a sunken facial structure around the mouth. To avoid this, contact our Calgary Denturist at Future Smiles Denture Clinic, to fit you with denture implants to avoid bone loss.

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