How Denture Implants Help Prevent Bone Loss

Worried about bone loss? Tooth implants can help preserve your jaw and oral health. Learn more about the affordable denture implants at our Calgary denture clinic. 

Losing some or all of your natural teeth can be quite stressful and when replacing them with traditional dentures, or denture implants, it is important to:

  • Restore your appearance
  • Help you maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • Help you speak clearly
  • Keep your smile beautiful

But tooth replacement options such as denture implants are also important for the health of your mouth and preserving the underlying jawbone and surrounding teeth.

Why Choose Future Smiles

At Future Smiles, we understand the benefits of a fully-functioning, beautiful smile, which is why we offer a wide range of affordable and quality denture solutions including tooth implants and traditional full/partial dentures to meet all your unique oral needs.


What is Bone Loss?

Your tooth and its roots work to stimulate the bone. When you lose your natural teeth, you lose that stimulation, and the body stops sending the bone nutrients. Over time, this causes the jawbone to soften and change shape.

Not only will this cause a significant tooth realignment, but your jawbone can become too weak to support any natural teeth, leaving them in danger of falling out.

How Traditional Dentures Lead to Bone Loss

For many patients who experience tooth loss, traditional full/partial dentures are an affordable and convenient option. However, in some cases, dentures can accelerate bone loss by wearing away the ridges of bones they are placed on. This is a primary cause of:

  • Loose, ill-fitting dentures
  • Painful chewing
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Sore spots

How can an implant-supported denture help?

An implant-supported denture uses tooth implants to replace the roots of your missing teeth. Not only does this provide a more stable foundation for the denture, but it also stimulates your jaw bone, keeping the blood flowing with nutrients to that area.

With a tooth implant:

  • Bone resorption is less likely to happen
  • Your remaining teeth are prevented from shifting
  • The strength and function of your jawbone is preserved
  • Your dentures will have a more natural look, feel and function
  • You will have improved chewing and speaking ability

What if Bone Loss Has Already Occurred?

Tooth implant techniques have greatly advanced in the past few decades and now it is possible for most patients who have experienced bone loss to have dental implants.

If your denturist/dentist finds that there is inadequate bone to support your surrounding teeth and any future tooth implants, bone graft materials are used to rebuild bone so as to provide sufficient support.

Bone Grafting

A bone graft is a surgical procedure that is designed to increase the volume of bone in the jaw prior to a tooth implant.

There are many types of bone grafts including:

  • Autograft: Bone is used from the patient’s own body
  • Allograft: Bone is used from a tissue bank
  • Xenograft: Bone is taken from a genetically dissimilar organism
  • Synthetic: A synthetic biocompatible material is used

When performed by a skilled and knowledgeable oral health professional, a bone graft is an effective and safe procedure that can add years of life to a compromised tooth or even completely reverse the damage.

Want to know if a bone grafting surgery is right for you?


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