Getting The Best Dentures: Quality Vs. Affordability

Getting The Best Dentures: Quality Vs. Affordability

A high quality set of dentures is important to your oral health and your quality of life, but you may be concerned about the cost. There are attributes of dentures you don’t want to compromise on, such as the integrity of the materials used or the fit. So how can you get top quality dentures for an affordable price?

A good denturist cares about your concerns and will offer solutions that can make dentures more affordable without sacrificing quality and service.


Good quality dentures will be made of higher caliber materials. Premium materials help the dentures to function for longer periods of time, meaning the initial design remains intact and won’t damage any surrounding teeth, gum, or bone, or add pressure to surrounding natural dentition. These stronger materials are less likely to crack and discolour than other, less expensive materials. High quality materials also feel more comfortable in the mouth, as they have a good selection of tooth molds which make it easy to customize each set-up for a comfortable and great looking smile.


Weaker materials won’t last as long and are also more prone to discolouration, leaving the dentures looking less natural and obviously false. Lower quality materials are also more prone to shrinkage and a worse fit, which can lead to more discomfort over time. Dentures made with high quality materials are not only important for your health and comfort, but also so your dentures can have a prolonged life. While less expensive dentures may be appealing for their initial low cost, they will need to be fitted and/or replaced more often than quality dentures, costing more over time. Low cost materials can sometimes give the patient a functional denture for 3 years but most insurance companies only cover new dentures every 5 years. This gives the patient a period of 2 years with an ill fitting, uncomfortable denture.

How can you have both?  

Although denturists don’t want to cut costs on the actual materials of the dentures, there are other areas where money can be saved. Denture clinics that make their dentures on site at the clinic save on shipping costs and, as an added bonus, can get your dentures to you faster. Adjustments can also be costly, but some denturists will offer free adjustment programs, as well as warranties, to protect you from the added expenses of denture upkeep. At Future Smiles, we offer a number of free adjustments depending on the level of denture plan you choose, so you can have a comfortable and natural smile at no extra cost. Another way to make dentures more affordable is through flexible financing and direct billing. For those who have their dentures covered by health insurance, direct billing means that you will only have to pay any remaining balance, as opposed to getting reimbursed by your plan later. This leaves more money in your pocket.

Don’t Compromise On Your Health Or Your Budget

Affordability doesn’t mean compromising on quality. By cutting costs unrelated to the materials used, as well as offering different payment plans, Future Smiles has solutions to provide dentures for all clients, regardless of health coverage. It’s important that your dentures are of a high quality to ensure a balanced bite that will remain functional not just at the insertion appointment but also for years to come. A disbalanced bite can cause damage to your dentures, remaining teeth, and bone and tissue structures costing you unnecessary repair, replacement, or future dental work. Your comfort also needs to be prioritized since you use your mouth every day of your life, so make sure you find dentures that work for you. The Future Smiles payment plans can allow you to afford the most comfortable and highest quality dentures. Your oral health is an important part of your overall well being and deserves as much attention as you would give to any other part of your body. Call 1-403-425-0016 or use our contact form to book your free consultation now.


Q: How long will my dentures last?
A: The life of your dentures will depend on several factors other than material. For example, a set of dentures may last 5 to 10 years, but it depends what type of tooth is used. In order to ensure a stable functional denture remains that way is to keep up with denture relines regularly to prolong your denture life.

Q: Should my dentures be causing me pain?
A: Initial discomfort is common, but you should adjust to your new dentures within about a month. If discomfort or pain persists, visit your denture clinic and speak to your denturist.

Q: How can I care for my dentures?
A: Take care of your oral health. Brush your dentures and teeth every day, using a non abrasive brush for your dentures. Remove your dentures at night and soak them in water or a mild denture soaking solution. Also try to avoid things that would damage your dentures such as improper storage and making repairs or adjustments to them yourself.

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