Do Your Dentures Need To Be Repaired?

Just like natural teeth, dentures require proper care to extend their lifetime and prevent discomfort. Dentures provide a great alternative for tooth replacement solutions to allow you to have a natural, bright-looking smile. Artificial and even permanent dentures can give you the confidence to have a camera-ready smile, the ability to speak without concern and eat normally. To keep your dentures looking great, careful maintenance is key. If you experience discomfort or you need a repair, see a professional right away; delay could lead to a shortened lifespan, discomfort, and health issues.



Take Proper Care Of Your Dentures

Although dentures are made of strong materials that are designed to last many years, daily wear and tear can weaken the dentures and make them more susceptible to breaking. As we get older our jaw bone can change and cause the dentures to fit improperly. Dentures are repaired in laboratories by a skilled denturist/technician with proper equipment after receiving repair instructions from a dentist. Always engage professionals for your denture repair in order to obtain long-lasting results and mitigation of oral problems like the uncomfortable fitting of the denture. The three main types of denture repair include relining, rebasing, and adjustments. Depending on the type of damage, your denturist will determine the appropriate course of action.



5 Signs Your Dentures Need To Be Repaired: 

Broken Dentures

If you accidentally drop your dentures or put too much pressure on them by chewing too hard, you may break a tooth or cause a crack. Never try attaching the broken tooth back to the denture using at-home adhesive because it can cause oral infection and further damage to the denture which will require much more expensive repairs in the future.

Difficulty Chewing

When you initially get dentures it will take some time to adjust your chewing techniques. If the dentures start to irritate your mouth after they were previously comfortable, it could mean you require an adjustment and they no longer fit your mouth correctly. Getting regular adjustments is important to keep your denture fitting comfortably and maintaining healthy gums.

Changed Facial Appearance

The goal of dentures is to give you back your smile as you had with natural teeth. If you notice any sudden and significant facial changes such as wrinkles, sagging jawline, or a more aged appearance, it could mean your dentures need to be replaced or adjusted. Your teeth play a large role in keeping your cheeks looking full and symmetrical so any changes in the fit of your dentures can be noticeable through facial features.

Loose Fitting Dentures

If your dentures suddenly become loose or slip out of your mouth, it could mean that the shape of your gums has changed. This is quite common and can be fixed with a denture adjustment.

Bad Breath

Dentures require regular cleaning and upkeep to ensure that they last as long as possible and to prevent any damage. If you start noticing bad breath and you regularly clean your denture, the odour could be caused by a crack or stain. Scan your dentures to see if there are any noticeable stains or small cracks. If there are, visit your denturist as soon as possible to seek repairs.

Seeing your denturist regularly for scheduled check-ups and booking an appointment as soon as you notice an issue or discomfort will ensure your dentures are well-cared for. Your denturist will also be able to spot early signs of complications and address them right away. If you have any questions about denture repairs and denture care, be sure to contact us today.


Are Your Dentures In Need Of A Repair?

DIY repairs seem like an appealing option for a quick, cheap fix for dentures, however, this will only cause further problems and damage until you seek professional repair services. At Future Smiles Dental Clinic, we provide same-day denture repair services allowing you to go back to your comfortable lifestyle as soon as possible. If you are looking for affordable denture repair services in Calgary contact us today! 


How often should I get my dentures adjusted?

A denture replacement is usually recommended every five to ten years. However, if you are feeling discomfort after the 30-day adjustment period, contact your denturist and book an appointment to check the fit of your dentures.

How do I prevent my dentures from breaking apart?

Denture breaks can happen due to accidental drops, too much stress on the material from chewing, long-term wear weakening and wearing down the acrylic, and many other circumstances. In order to prevent damage to your dentures, make sure to follow the proper care instructions diligently. Keep them in a safe place if they are not in use and always see a denturist at the first sign of a crack or chip in order to prevent further wear and tear. 

How much do denture repairs normally cost?

Generally, professional denture repairs cost $100-$300. Do not attempt DIY repairs using at-home adhesive as this can further damage the dentures and result in more costly repairs or the purchase of a whole new denture set.

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