Do Your Dentures Need Adjustment Or Repair?

Do Your Dentures Need Adjustment Or Repair?

If you have experienced tooth loss, dentures can greatly improve your quality of life. Dentures restore the abilities that are often taken for granted such as comfortably eating, smiling with ease, laughing, and speaking. Once you make the decision to get a full or partial set of dentures, it is important to practice proper care to extend their life and ensure they fit comfortably for as long as possible.

As the months and years pass, you will likely need dental adjustments and possibly repairs. But sometimes it can be hard to know what is normal now that you have dentures, and what concerns can be addressed with an adjustment or repair. Here is a comprehensive list that can help you know for sure. 

Over time you will need adjustments, repairs, and possibly an emergency dental repair. Dentures should enhance your life and your ability to live life to the fullest. You shouldn’t be impeded with pain, discomfort, or ill-fitting dentures.

Signs That You Need a Denture Repair:

Your Dentures are Broken. This is the most obvious sign that your dentures are in need of repair. Bring them in and your denturist will mend the dentures as necessary.

There is a Chip or Crack in Your Dentures. Although this may seem like a small issue, a denture chip can cause a sharp spot that can cut you, and a crack can weaken the structure of your dentures requiring a full replacement sooner than anticipated. Stay ahead of the game and get all chips and cracks repaired at a denture clinic right away.

Your Gums are Sore. When you are used to wearing dentures you should feel no gum soreness. If you have gone through the adjustment period and become acclimated to wearing them and suddenly start to experience soreness or bleeding of the tissues of your mouth, there may be a defect on the base of the dentures that needs to be fixed. 

Signs That You Need a Denture Adjustment:

There is a Noticeable Difference in Your Face Shape. It might seem odd, but it is true. You may look in the mirror and notice that the shape of the lower half of your face has changed, looking sunken or uneven. If this happens it may be an indication that your dentures need to be adjusted.

You are Having Difficulty Chewing. New dentures will require a period of adjustment as you become accustomed to eating with them. But if you are noticing that dentures that were once comfortable are now causing you pain, discomfort, or poor bite alignment, it may be time to have your denturist refit them for your mouth.

You Have Experienced Pain and Discomfort. Your dentures should never cause you pain. If your dentures are feeling as though they are rubbing, causing sore spots, or look like they have changed visibly when in your mouth it might be time for a denture adjustment. 

The Dentures No Longer Fit Well. If the dentures that once sat comfortably in your mouth seem to be rubbing, slipping, or they feel out of place, visit your denture clinic for an adjustment to have them fitting properly again.

Protect Your Investment

Proper care for your dentures will extend the lifespan of this important investment you've made in your oral health and happiness. Your denturist can show you exactly how to take care of your dentures through proper cleaning techniques, safe storage, and periodic repairs and maintenance.

If you are looking for affordable, accessible, and experienced denture repair and adjustments, Future Smiles has two locations to suit your needs: SW Calgary close to Chinook Centre on Macleod and NE Calgary in Coral Springs. To find out if your dentures need an adjustment or repair contact our office at 403-475-0016 or by filling out the contact form below.


Q: What warrants an emergency denture repair?
A: The most obvious reasons for emergency denture repair or replacement are broken dentures, missing teeth, or considerable cracks and chips. But some less obvious reasons could be persistent sore spots, and pain or discomfort. The best way to judge is to ask yourself if you can manage without your full or partial denture for a few days, or if this would greatly impede your ability to function. If you are concerned about damaged or ill-fitting dentures, ask your denture clinic about their repair timelines.

Q: Can a dentist repair my dentures?
A: Denturists are highly specialized in the field of denture implants, complete and partial dentures, and all repairs, adjustments, and maintenance associated with those devices. Your best bet is to bring your dentures to a denture clinic for all your needs to ensure proper care.

Q: Where can I get emergency denture repair in Calgary?
A: Future Smiles has two locations offering same-day denture repair services. Coral Springs in the NE and on Macleod, close to Chinook Centre, in the SW locations will both provide repairs, relines. and rebases.


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