Denture Implants: Are They A Smart Investment?

Denture Implants: Are They A Smart Investment?

Unlike classic dentures that sit on top of the gums, denture implants are anchored into place. These dental implants are teeth replacements that are surgically implanted into, and fuse with, the jaw bone. After the implants have been given time to heal, an abutment will be placed on your implant and your denturist will create your artificial teeth and secure them into place.

While dentures are removable, dental implants are not. Both options can be appropriate depending on individual preferences and they both offer benefits. Denture implants cost more upfront, but there are other benefits that may make it worth the cost.

The Benefits Of Denture Implants

Denture implants cost more money initially, but they also save money by requiring less upkeep and lasting for an exceptionally long time. Many people like the feel of denture implants and the benefits they have to offer, including:

  • Prevent Future Dental Problems. When a tooth is missing, it creates a space for bacteria to accumulate. The gap left behind from the tooth can easily develop gum disease or a cavity in the area where the tooth once was or in the surrounding teeth. This gap also creates too much room in the mouth that other teeth will move into, disrupting occlusion and leading to crowding.
  • Save Money Long-Term. Implants can last for a very long time, even for life. They keep your dentures secured in the mouth and eliminate the need for adhesives. Because they are permanent, denture implants do not need realignment. Denture implants allow the wearer to spend less time and money on future denture appointments, services, and products.
  • Improve Speaking and Chewing abilities. When a person loses their teeth, they may struggle to speak or chew. Eating with dentures can come with obstacles as seeds from fruits, ground nuts, and other food particles can get underneath the denture and become uncomfortable while eating. Speaking can become difficult if dentures move. Denture implants reduce movement in the denture so that eating and speaking become more comfortable.
  • Preserve Your Looks. When one or multiple teeth are lost, it causes the skin over the jaw to sag and may lead to bone loss that creates hollow looking cheeks. In order for your face to hold its usual shape, the bone and connective tissue need to support your facial structure. Having a lack of bone density from missing teeth is a detriment to your health and your looks. Denture implants build out the area above the gum line and make everything feel secure and look natural.
  • Be Comfortable. Denture implants look and feel like your natural teeth and allow you to live as if you never lost the teeth. Because they are anchored into the jaw, there is no additional maintenance past your regular oral care routine.

Get Your Denture Implants From Future Smiles In Calgary

Although denture implants cost more money than standard dentures, they save money over time by limiting the amount of dental work and realignments needed in the future. Dental implants offer a lower maintenance and more comfortable alternative to other dentures. Both options have their benefits, so discuss with your denturist about which option is right for you. If you are interested in denture implants, visit us at Future Smiles Denture Clinic in SW Calgary or NE Calgary. Our competent and experienced staff will explain the process to you and get you on your way to smiling with confidence. We have treated many patients who have been successfully fitted with implant-supported dentures to restore their facial profile. If you want to become one of these satisfied patients, call 1-403-475-0016 or fill out our contact form to set up a free consultation.


Q: How long will dental implants take?
A: It will take 2 surgeries and a minimum of 5 months, as you will need time to heal from both surgeries.

Q: Am I too old for denture implants?
A: There are no age limits on denture implants! Denture implants may make you feel younger, as you will feel like you have your natural teeth instead of dentures, and this can be great for your self confidence.

Q: Will dentures make me look older?
A: For most patients, dentures actually help turn back the hands of time, creating a more youthful appearance. But, what can happen with removable dentures is that your jawbone will reabsorb itself without having teeth to maintain its shape. This causes problems with ill fitting dentures that need to be adjusted and refitted, and also can prematurely age you due to a sunken facial structure around the mouth. To avoid this, contact our Calgary Denturist at Future Smiles Denture Clinic, to fit you with denture implants to avoid bone loss.

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